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It's the law: City clears roads not sidewalks
JAN 26, 2016

There should be no more confusion on who is responsible for sidewalk snow/ice removal at businesses and the penalty incurred for being non-compliance.

Jason Clark, owner of BIN112 and Strip Club 104 A Steak House, on Trade and Poinsett streets, respectively summed it up in laymen terms. “The city’s responsibility is to clear the road so emergency vehicles can get out first and then the public. If you own a business, it’s the owner’s responsibility.”

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Council welcomes storm comments, none given
JAN 26, 2016

Greer City Council didn't have to spend much time on hearing downtown merchants complaining about the city's snow and ice cleanup last weekend.

No one spoke, merchants or residents, at City Council during public forum or when City Administrator Ed Driggers gave a storm report on the city’s efforts to plow and sand 1,368 miles of city streets.

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Shop owners miffed at ice, snow cleanup; city gives storm response at Council
JAN 25, 2016

Lisa Garland shovels ice from parking places in front of the Stomping Grounds on Trade Street.

Snow and ice removal from downtown streets was the hottest topic at the Stomping Grounds Saturday night. And it continued Monday.

About 50 people from nearby neighborhoods and downtown businesses and apartments gathered Saturday at the Stomping Grounds coffee and wine shop as it was virtually the only business open.

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Most churches cancel services, warmer day forecast
JAN 24, 2016

Tanner Stevens and Brynn made a snowman at City Park welcoming visitors to the winter wonderland.

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Most churches have cancelled or curtailed services Sunday as roads in the upstate remained icy overnight from snow and ice that fell across greater Greer this weekend.

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Treacherous conditions expected with winter storm
JAN 22, 2016

Wednesday's short spurt of snow won't compare to what is expected in greater Greer this weekend.

GreerToday.com will remain open for business throughout the weekend. Send photos, new tips and questions to i[email protected] and we will respond. Facebook.


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CSX to close 5 downtown railroad crossings for maintenance
JAN 20, 2016

Railroad crossings at Depot Street, Trade Street, School Street, Duke Street and Parker Street are expected to reopen on Saturday.
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Passbooks teach kids the rewards of saving
JAN 19, 2016

Passbooks teach kids the rewards of saving

By Citizens Building & Loan

Many parents and grandparents are opening passbook savings accounts for their children. They see a passbook savings account as a useful teaching tool to help kids learn and appreciate how to save.  One reason is that a passbook is tangible, it is a small booklet that keeps a running record of all the savings transactions.

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Owners rebranding Rhythms On Trade as a music cafe
JAN 16, 2016

Curtis Hanvey is rebranding Rhythms On Trade, as a music cafe and recording studio.

Owners are rebranding a downtown bar into a more Trade Street-friendly environment 

Rhythms On Trade is being rebranded into a music café and live recording studio. Curtis Hanvey who purchased Rhythms and Brews has decided to change the name and feature a variety of music every day except Sunday.

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$1.5 billion Powerball players can at least dream
JAN 13, 2016

The Hot Spot at Hammett Bridge Road and Buncombe Road was busy throughout the day with customers playing to win the $1.5 billion Powerball lottery.

• The winning numbers in Wednesday’s record-setting Powerball drawing are: 8, 27, 34, 4, 19 and the Powerball number, 10. 

Lines continued to wrap around local convenience stores Wednesday as individuals make the gamble of a lifetime. The recording-breaking Powerball jackpot has grown to a grand prize of $1.5 billion.

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Abbott's opens Friday with a new taste for Greer
JAN 7, 2016

Madeline Stokes, 7, gets a taste of Abbott's Frozen Custard at a pre-opening party Thursday night.

Mark Khoury was the most excited person at a pre-opening party at Abbott’s Frozen Custard Thursday night.

Khoury, owner of downtown Greer’s newest eatery at 119 E. Poinsett Street, told of his growing up in Rochester, N.Y., with Abbott’s as much a part of his life as the Clock restaurant is to Greer residents past and present.

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