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Jason Clark demonstrates how to carve your turkey
NOV 26, 2014

Watch Jason Clark's video on carving a turkey and it may provide some tips for a platter full of meat that will impress family and guests.

Jason Clark, honored as the Restaurateur of the 2014 in the Upstate, demonstrates how to carve a turkey and present a beautiful plate of food for the family and guests on Thanksgiving.

Jason is owner of BIN112 and the Strip Club 104 A Steak House.

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Restaurants open Thanksgiving Day across the USA
NOV 24, 2014

Restaurant chains are offering traditional Thanksgiving Day turkey dinner with all the trimmings.

Given that Thanksgiving is the busiest travel time of the year for Americans, many restaurants cater to travelers. Chain restaurants that are open offer traditional Thanksgiving fare. We encourage you to call restaurant at your destination ahead to confirm their opening and pricing.ss

The GreerToday.com staff wishes all a Happy Thanksgiving and safe travels.

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Planting the seeds of sustainability on GTC's Barton Campus
NOV 19, 2014

A collaboration of Greenville Tech Charter High School and GTC students and faculty have launched a community garden.

The Barton Community Garden is a thriving green space producing healthy vegetables including lacy lettuce, arugula, parsley, broccoli, cauliflower, onions, and carrots for Greenville Tech. 

The garden’s success is a result of productive collaboration between Greenville Tech. Charter High School’s Garden Club, Greenville Forward Gardening for Good, and various departments at Greenville Technical College (GTC). For example, a new sign created by GTCHS Garden Club members and GTC First Year Experience students, and GTC English Professor Kelly Mieszek donated worms to assist with composting. 

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Students' 'Reflections from Soup Kitchen Work Day'
NOV 11, 2014

Students' 'Reflections from Soup Kitchen Work Day'

Chandler Creek student council representatives wrote about their experiences at the Soup Kitchen on Nov. 4.

Some have already committed, with families, to volunteer during the holidays.

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Greer Station raised almost $4,000 at Catwalk for the Cure
NOV 11, 2014

The Greer Station Association raised almost $4,000 at the Catwalk for the Cure benefit for the Susan G. Komen Foundation.

Greer Station Association raised $3,395 at its Catwalk for the Cure benefit for the Susan G. Komen Foundation.

The fashion show, held Oct. 7, featured styles from downtown merchants – Talloni - A Shoe Salon, Maiale Boutique, Southern Sisters Boutique, Gregory's Boutique, Empire Ltd., James  & James Clothiers, Smith & James, Chelsea's and Greer Trading Post.

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Clark honored by hospitality industry at awards ceremony
NOV 10, 2014

Jason Clark, center, owner of BIN112 received one of the biggest ovations as recipient of the Restaurateur of the Year in the Upstate. Stan Coster, Vice President of Ballentine Equipment, right, nominated Clark.

Jason Clark, owner of BIN112 in downtown Greer, was honored Monday as Restaurateur of the Year at the Upstate Hospitality Awards luncheon.

"Jason is dedicated to great food, a clean kitchen and provides the best experience to customers he would expect for himself," said Douglas O'Flaherty, Director of Operations for the S.C. Hospitality Association.

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Free meals, car washes, discounts to vets, active military on Veterans Day
NOV 9, 2014

Restaurants, car washes, grocery stores and merchants are offering free meals to discounts to all veterans and active duty U.S. military and service personnel on Veterans Day this Tuesday.

Veterans Day will find many local and national restaurants, grocery stores, car washes and businesses offering free meals and discounts to veterans and active duty military in appreciation for their service.

Offers may include:

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Chili Cook Off winners earn bragging rights
NOV 6, 2014

The City Hollers claimed their  “Hillbilly Chili” was inspired with moonshine and muscadine.

There was some heavy competition at the Chili Cook Off on Trade Street Tuesday night.

Shawn Kelley’s Spotted Dog team won the best overall chili, Wild Ace the best restaurant and The City Hollers was chosen the people’s choice.

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Autogaphed Greer football team helmet may draw highest bid
NOV 5, 2014

• This story has been updated

An autographed Greer football helmet, signed by all members of the unbeaten 10-0 and playoff bound Yellow Jackets may be the prize most desired at the 7 p.m. Big Thursday auction.

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Young students get a taste of volunteering at soup kitchen
NOV 5, 2014

Atticus Wehunt kept the glasses filled.

• Gallery

One would think scraping food off plates would be least preferred to playing with school friends.

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Yes, Greer, tickets remain for Breakfast with Santa
NOV 3, 2014

Jerome and Della Snoddy bought Breakfast with Santa tickets for their daughter and their grandchild.

A limited number of tickets remain for Breakfast with Santa on Saturday Dec. 6. at the Cannon Centre.

The 9:30 a.m. seating is sold out but 66 tickets remain for 8 a.m. and 53 for 11 a.m. Tickets, sold at the business office lobby, are $6 for ages 10-older and $4 for ages 1-9. Children up to age one are free.

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