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Candy shortage can be blamed on Halloween on Trade
OCT 29, 2015

Candy shortage can be blamed on Halloween on Trade

Trade Street weighs a lot less today.

What appeared to be thousands of kids, lining both sides of Trade Street, parts of Poinsett and side streets School, Randall and Victoria emptied tubs and hundreds of bags of candy and 30 pounds of pop corn kernels popped as fresh popcorn.

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ALDI opens today in Greer
OCT 29, 2015

Leland Martin was the first customer at ALDI, at 1050 W. Hampton Blvd. He bought sweet potatoes and pork chops.

ALDI opened in Greer today at 8:45 a.m. with a ribbon cutting ceremony at 1050 W. Wade Hampton Blvd.

The first 100 shoppers received a golden ticket, each offering store gift certificates of various amounts, promotions and free samplings.

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Halloween in Greer Station, Farmer's Market are Thursday
OCT 26, 2015

A little bit of branding is always creating.

The treaters outnumber the tricksters at the Greer Station Association (GSA).

Children of all ages will likely be applauding GSA’s wisdom in moving Halloween in Greer Station to Thursday, 5-7 p.m., when warmer temperatures (70s) are forecast under partly sunny skies.

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Mimi's closes permanently Greer restaurant
OCT 26, 2015

Mimi's has permanently closed its Greer restaurant. Business was good, some employees weren't, according to general manager.

Mimi’s Steakhouse of Japan has permanently closed at its 107 S. Main Street location in Greer. Business was good, some of the employees weren't, according to general manager.

Mimi Choi, general manager, said the community’s support and customer base was solid. “It was the employees – nobody wants to work anymore,” Mimi, general manager, as she is known, said. “They don’t have any respect to the customers, I retrain so many and for the past six months more employees have lied to me, cheated me, and stole from me.”

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Breakfast with Santa tickets sale date announced
OCT 24, 2015

Letters written to Santa Claus will be mailed from the Cannon Centre.

Breakfast with Santa will be held Saturday, Dec. 5 at the Cannon Centre with three seatings, 8, 9:30, and 11 a.m.

Tickets are $4 for children 1-9 years old and adults and children 10 and above are $6 each.

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Cook-Out features indoor/outdoor seating, opening imminent
OCT 22, 2015

 Greer's Cook-Out will have a large seating area inside, for 80-90 guests.

Cook-Out is scheduled to open next week, according to co-general manager Bryson Taylor. Halloween weekend is the targeted date, pending on weather.

Taylor has watched the $1.13 million, 3,800-square-foot building being built at 1353 Wade Hampton Blvd. for two months while conducting job interviews 2-5 p.m. daily. Rain the past two months set the opening back from September.

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Lake Robinson shows off its beauty during annual celebration
OCT 18, 2015

The Locust Grove Bluegrass and Joe Beam, with the gorgeous backdrop of a tranquil Lake Robinson, provided the entertainment Sunday.

The Friends of Lake Robinson had one of its most majestic days to lure families and visitors to the 8th Annual Lake Robinson Day of Celebration on Sunday at Verne Smith Park.

Hundreds came out to enjoy the sunshine and beautiful scenery of the lake.

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Bruster's plans to relocate to S. Buncombe Road
OCT 12, 2015

Bruster’s Ice Cream is planning to relocate from 6040 Wade Hampton Boulevard to Commerce and S. Buncombe Road.

Bruster’s Ice Cream is planning to relocate from 6040 Wade Hampton Boulevard to Commerce and S. Buncombe Road.

City Council will hear tonight an ordinance, for annexation and zoning, request for property located at South Buncombe Road. The zoning request is for a zoning classification of C-3 (Highway Commercial) on 1.65 acres and 650 feet of right-of-way of S. Buncombe Road.

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Aldi sets date for Greer store opening
OCT 9, 2015

The Aldi grocery store at 1050 W. Wade Hampton Blvd. has scheduled its grand opening on Thursday, Oct. 29.

Aldi is opening its Greer store on Thursday, Oct. 29.

The store, at 1050 W. Wade Hampton Blvd., is scheduled for its grand opening festivities which, includes samples and prizes.

The Greer Aldi is part of a two-store opening that day and will be the third opened in the greater Greer area this month.


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Psychological mystery grips downtown Greer
OCT 7, 2015

David Thienes, co-producer of

A psychological mystery is gripping downtown Greer. And no one knows whodunit.

It’s safe to assume that William Baldwin or Danny Trejo know. Apparently the Greer Police Department plays a role, too.

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Oktoberfest is cancelled
OCT 1, 2015

There won't be any dancing in the streets this year at Oktoberfest. It was cancelled Thursday for the first time in 10 years.

Hurricane Joaquin has rained out Oktoberfest that was scheduled for Saturday on Trade Street.

Heavy rains, dangerous winds and flooding of creeks and rivers is likely on Saturday and Sunday, according to the National Weather Service's latest warnings.

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