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How To Eat Burgers In Greer For A Whole Week
JUN 29, 2015

This plate from Greer Station Diner is $5

All right, people. You know I love hamburgers. Like, so, so much. The burger is the apex of American civilization. I follow six Brazilian hamburger makers on Instagram, because I love to see how the red-white-and-blue has blessed the world; not with the roll of stirring drums, but with deeds of hamburger the American kingdom comes.

The kingdom of hamburger is alive and well in the town of Greer, South Carolina, the place where I reside. I live only a few blocks from Trade Street, where downtown Greer's 2.5 blocks are stretched out. Every week I carve out time to do some work downtown, hanging out at Stomping Grounds Coffee Shop or Cameroon Cigars. When I break for lunch I have several options within eyesight of my chosen office of the day, and most of them serve burgers worth mentioning.

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Freedom Blast gets a break from scorching temperatures
JUN 26, 2015

Greer City Park is all decked out for Saturday's Freedom Blast.

Freedom Blast on Saturday at Greer City Park “Will go on rain or shine,” City Administrator Ed Driggers said Tuesday at City Council.

The festival, 6-10:30 p.m., is Greer’s annual celebration of Independence Day, this year a week in advance of July 4. Click here for the official schedule.

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Grain Loft moving near downtown
JUN 25, 2015

The Grain Loft is moving to 610 North Main Street. 

The Grain Loft is moving to 610 North Main Street.

The Grain Loft will move from 1987 S. Highway 101 to the site of a vacant car wash with the building that will undergo a rebuild.

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Ryan's contributes to DAV, introduces game room as rebranding continues
JUN 20, 2015

Greg Beehner, blue shirt, vice president of operations for Ovation Brands, presents Preston Johnson of the Disabled American Veterans a $500 check at Ryan's . Attending the presentation and ribbon cutting are Mark Owens, left, president/CEO of the Greater Greer Chamber of Commerce, veteran Jimmie Jordan, district marketing manager Ryan Knoblauch, red shirt, and Jeff Engst, Ryan's general manager.

Preston Johnson enjoyed receiving a check for the Disabled American Veterans as much as Greg Beehner making the donation.

Beehner, vice president for operations for Ovation Brands, headquartered in Greer, presented Johnson, the commander of the DAV Chapter 39, a $500 donation Thursday at the continued branding of Ryan’s, the family-style buffet restaurant, and the introduction of a game room.

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Mork pulls off upset in rib-eating exhibition over defending champ
JUN 8, 2015

Bill Mork, City of Greer facilities supervisor, won the rib-eating exhibition over defending champion Kyle Fleming at City Hall Monday to promote Freedom Blast.

Bill Mork pulled an upset Monday when he beat defending 2014 Freedom Blast rib-eating champion Kyle Fleming in an exhibition at City Hall.

Mork cleaned five bones to Fleming's four in the one-minute contest as the room, filled with city and festival officials promoting the June 28 Freedom Blast, cheered wildly.

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Zac Brown Tribute Band returns for Freedom Blast
JUN 8, 2015

Jeremy Blalock, lead singer for the Zac Brown Tribute Band 20 Ride, is back with his band for a return performance June 27 at Freedom Blast.

Back by popular demand for the Freedom Blast is the Zack Brown Tribute Band 20 Ride.

City of Greer officials announced the lineup Monday for the annual festival scheduled Saturday, June 27, 6-10:30 p.m., that emphasizes the celebration of active and veteran military leading to Independence Day.

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Meals on Wheels needs 21 drivers during summer
JUN 1, 2015

Bruce Taylor checks in for his Meals on Wheels route. Greer Community Ministries is in need of 21 drivers to help fill summer vacancies due to vacations and organizations taking time off.

Greer Community Ministries’ Meals on Wheels program has a need for summer volunteer drivers. Volunteers are needed to cover 21 routes that span the Blue Ridge area to Abner Creek.

School groups that participate during the school year are unable to complete routes and vacations take regular volunteers out of the rotation during the summer months.

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