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Greer Station Vintage Christmas has 3-day run beginning Thursday
NOV 29, 2016

The Plunder returns to the Greer Station Vintage Christmas

The Greer Station Vintage Christmas is Thursday through Saturday at Grace Hall.

The indoor event will benefit Saved by the Heart, a non-profit for animal rescue serving Greer. Last year’s event helped raise funds for the rescue’s veterinary, food, maintenance bills and foster program.

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Chef Jason Clark shows how to carve and plate your Thanksgiving turkey
NOV 23, 2016

Jason Clark, 2014 and 2016 Restauranteur of the Year, is owner/operator of BIN112 and The Strip Club 104 A Steak House.

• Carving a turkey, step-by-step

Jason Clark, honored as the Restaurateur of 2014 and 2016 in the Upstate, demonstrates how to carve a turkey and present a beautiful plate of food for the family and guests on Thanksgiving.

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Restaurants open locally and nationally on Thanksgiving serving traditional fare and
NOV 23, 2016

Restaurants will give stay-at-home families places to dine on traditional Thanksgiving fare. Optional will be regular menu options, too.

There are plenty of local and national restaurants open on Thanksgiving to enjoy the traditional fare while traveling.

Local restaurants are just as appealing, and understanding, with families traveling from different parts of the state or region for a Thanksgiving dinner.

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Merle State Hunger Walk brings attention to Soup Kitchen, Greer Family Center
NOV 19, 2016

Palmer and Emma Vanderslice carried the banner for the Merle State Hunger Walk in downtown Greer.

More than 125 people participated in the 12th Annual Merle State Hunger Walk Saturday. That doesn't include a dozen dogs walked or carried during the one-mile walk.

The fundraiser benefits Daily Bread Ministries – The Greer Soup Kitchen / Step. Walkers were given tours of the Soup Kitchen and the Greer Family Shelter at the end of their one mile walk.

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Fuddruckers opens in Duncan off I-85 at Highway 290
NOV 14, 2016

Fuddruckers opens in Duncan off I-85 at Highway 290

Fuddruckers unveiled their newest restaurant in Duncan with regional franchisee owners Allen and Lee Ann Johnston, The Butcher The Baker Management Company, Inc.

The restaurant, 4,600-square-feet, is at 1515 East Main Street/Highway 290 just off Interstate 85. Fuddruckers will be open 10 a.m. 10 p.m. daily and feature Wi-Fi and an outdoor patio.

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William "Sonny" Boroughs, a fixture with his passionate contributions with non-profits, dies. He was 80.
NOV 14, 2016

William “Sonny” Boroughs was an avid Blue Ridge High School sports fan.

• William "Sonny" Boroughs obituary 

William “Sonny” Boroughs, a fixture in the community who contributed friendship, aided non-profits with his volunteerism and funding, and dearly loved Blue Ridge High School fan, died Sunday. He was 80.

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National chains say 'thank you' with freebies and deals on food and drink
NOV 10, 2016

See Gemma Miller's tribute to veterans

Veterans Day is Friday, Nov. 11, and many national chains are saying "thank you" to veterans and active military members by offering freebies and deals on food and drinks.

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Jason Clark honored with second Restaurateur of the Year honor in past three years
NOV 8, 2016

Jason Clark, owner/operator of BIN112, is awarded his second Restaurateur of the Year award.

Jason Clark is two plates nearer for a seating of six.

The South Carolina Restaurant and Lodging Association (SCRLA) honored Clark as the Upstate’s Restaurateur of the Year for BIN112 for the second time in three years. The recognition, that included an artsy dinner plate, was held at the Embassy Suites Monday.

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Big Thursday: Plenty of shopping, food, auction drama for everyone at GCM's 37th annual event
NOV 2, 2016

The silent auction is 8 a.m. to 6:30 p.m.

Good morning, afternoon and tonight from the hundreds of volunteers and staff at Big Thursday at Fairview Baptist Church.

The biggest fundraiser of the year benefiting Greer Community Ministries, it’s 37th annual event, has brought back the live auction with Jerry Bruce as the auctioneer.

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Big Thursday: Barbecue delivery orders deadline is near, 1,000 pounds sold out last year
NOV 1, 2016

Barbecue delivery orders are due Wednesday,

All Big Thursday barbecue delivery orders must be in by Wednesday at 4 p.m. Order forms are available at gcminc.org and they can be faxed to 864-877-1176.

Matthew Waters and his team stay up all night prior to Big Thursday smoking 1,000 pounds of Boston butts to sell from 11 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. Last year the barbecue sold out.

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