A few missed cellphone calls may extend your life expectancy

Published on Sunday, May 20, 2012


I am about to embark on a controversial subject and many will disagree with my conclusions. The subject is not discussed often although much has been written in scientific journals relating to the subject.

When you turn your cellphone on for the first time each day it radiates radio frequencies to access cellphone towers. The high number of towers are required for cellphones to function to the maximum. The cellphone radiates frequencies near the microwave range and placing the phone near your head has to radiate into you skull and brain.

Some will disagree on the dangers of using cellphones but we all know that with the proper microwave oven you can prepare dinner using radio frequency radiation and it gets pretty warm inside the oven.

Although the radiation levels required to make the cellphone work are of a low intensity, but used over long periods of time can heat up the skull and brain. A lot of people stay on their cellphones for long periods of time, especially teenagers. They are either talking, texting, sending photos and checking the Internet. A lot of time is consumed.

The controversy comes from the reported studies that say cellphones are safe to use and because of their low radio frequency radiation is low, there is no danger. I have to disagree with that conclusion.

The radiation level is important but in my opinion any radiation into the lobes of the brain is dangerous to your health. The older cellphones began with an external antenna on top and was placed next to the head when used. Most cellphones today have internal antennae included within the phone so now the antenna is even still closer to the brain than with the external antenna.

As you have seen over the last few years the performance of cellphones have improved greatly. I am sure that this is due to increasing the transmitter power output to overcome dead spots, or when the signal drops out.

I will say that I do have a cell phone but I can’t tell you my number. It is used mostly for incoming calls, which are few.

We have eliminated our  house phone and now just have individual cellphones, so you can imagine how much time is spent chit-chatting. I am only writing this to inform you of the possible dangers (I say dangers) of such devices when used in close proximity to the brain.

I have dealt with radio frequencies for over 50 years and have been actually burned while touching a wire antenna. It is invisible but hurts just the same. I am passing along something that is still under the microscope. My concerns are for the young people who spend a quantity of time on the cellphones and will in the future.

Do some reading on the subject. Just search dangers of cell phone use on the Internet. Get more facts there.


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