BMW describes third-generation X5

Published on Monday, June 3, 2013


stability control and Hill Descent Control (HDC).

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BMW describes third-generation X5


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BMW xDrive in the new BMW X5: intelligent all-wheel drive, with optional Dynamic Performance Control.

All models of the new BMW X5, except the X5 sDrive35i, are equipped with xDrive full-time intelligent all-wheel drive, which actively manages the drive power split between the front and rear wheels at all times. The latest version of the xDrive power divider boasts optimized efficiency and a three pound (1.4 kg) reduction in weight. xDrive’s control logic uses information about road speed, wheel speeds, steering angle and accelerator position to accurately interpret both the driver’s intentions and what the vehicle is actually doing, and then apportions power front-to-rear in order to get as much power as possible to the road. BMW xDrive maximizes both traction and stability whatever the road and weather conditions, and also offers improved cornering dynamics by working to help counteract oversteer or understeer before the driver is even aware of the need.

If xDrive is combined with Dynamic Performance Control, the drive power split can be even more finely controlled. The electronically controlled DPC is integrated into the rear differential. In combination with xDrive it takes handling dynamics and directional stability to new levels. Dynamic Performance Control, which is available as part of the optional Dynamic Handling Package, seamlessly varies the drive power split between the rear wheels (torque vectoring), with significant benefits in terms of steering response and road-holding at all speeds. The stabilizing action of Dynamic Performance Control remains in effect even when the driver lifts off the accelerator while cornering.

All-wheel-drive models come with a new xDrive status display in the control display boasting 3D graphics. This feature shows real-time information about body roll and pitch. A compass display is also shown in the instrument cluster.

More innovations to assist the driver and underpin services: the BMW ConnectedDrive range for the new BMW X5.

A large range of BMW ConnectedDrive driver assistance systems and mobility services are available for the new BMW X5. They improve active safety, convenience and the infotainment experience and offer best-in-class standards of intelligent interaction between the driver, vehicle and external environment.

Safety: Active Driving Assistant and Active Cruise Control with Stop & Go.

The new Active Driving Assistant safety package includes Lane Departure Warning, which alerts drivers to an imminent unintended lane departure, and a pedestrian andcollision warning system with braking function, which detects vehicles in front and, at speeds up to 37 mph (60 km/h), also detects pedestrians who are on a potential collision course with the vehicle. If a hazard is detected, visual and audible warnings are given and the brake system is primed in order to reduce stopping distance. At speeds up to 37 mph (60 km/h), moderate “hazard” braking is applied to reduce vehicle speed and alert the driver to a critical situation.

The ACC Stop & Go enhances comfort and safety in slow-moving and stop-and-go traffic. This system maintains a safe following distance at any speed up to 130 mph (210 km/h). A combination of a front camera and full-range radar sensors registers preceding traffic or stationary vehicles. If the driver fails to react to a warning of an imminent frontal collision, ACC Stop & Go + Active Driving Assistant automatically brakes the vehicle all the way to a standstill if necessary. A new function, the Traffic Jam Assistant, is due to be incorporated in this package from December 2013 production onward. At speeds up to 25 mph (40 km/h), this function not only controls following distance but also keeps the vehicle on track. The Traffic Jam Assistant keeps the vehicle in the center of its lane by providing active steering input.

BMW Assist eCall, which is standard including a 10 year subscription, includes enhanced Automatic Collision Notification, with automatic vehicle location and BMW’s groundbreaking Urgency Algorithm. The current generation of this system relays important information to the BMW Call Center in the event of a crash, such as vehicle position (accurate within feet), chassis number, vehicle model, vehicle color and data from the onboard sensors. The system also detects how many people are traveling in the vehicle, which airbags were activated and the intensity of the impact. Jointly developed with the William Lehman Injury Research Center in Miami, BMW’s Urgency Algorithm synthesizes all the available crash data in order to provide first responders with a prediction of the likelihood of severe injury. Arming first responders with this information has the potential to save precious minutes in a critical situation.

BMW ConnectedDrive technologies also enhance safety at night. Adaptive Xenon Headlights with turning lights are standard. Adaptive LED Headlights and the Automatic High Beams, which automatically dim the high beams in the face of oncoming traffic, are available. Night driving can be made even safer with the available by BMW Night Vision. This system now detects warns the driver not only about pedestrians but animals as well. The system relays a real-time video image to the control display which shows people, sizeable animals and other heat-radiating objects even if they are outside the headlight beam, and provides a warning if there is a collision risk.

Comfort: innovative driver assistance systems and unique services.

In the new BMW X5, the full-color BMW Head-Up Display, which projects important information onto the windshield, now includes even more additional information. When needed, telephone contact lists and entertainment programs can also be projected into the driver’s direct field of view.

Also new, and due to become available for the X5 by December 2013, is the latest generation of the BMW Parking Assistant. This helps the driver look for suitable parallel parking spaces and precisely maneuvers the vehicle into a parking space, not only by steering but also by operating the accelerator and brake pedal and selecting the appropriate gear. When the system has been activated at the press of a button, the new BMW X5 can park itself automatically in a selected parking space. Ease of maneuvering is enhanced by the Rear-View Camera, which is standard on the X5 xDrive50i,and theSurround View system, which now provides a 360-degree view of the vehicle and its surroundings on the control display. The Panorama View front and rear monitoring function, provides a better view of cross-traffic when merging from an exit with poor visibility.

Other features which are available for the new BMW X5 include the Speed Limit Infosystem, which shows any speed limits or overtaking restrictions for a particular road in the instrument cluster. Also available, the optional Active Blind Spot Detection system assesses the traffic situation on multi-lane roads in order to prevent critical situations when pulling out to overtake. When performing an intentional lane change, the driver is warned by a visual signal and a steering wheel vibration if another vehicle is hidden in the driver’s blind spot behind or alongside the BMW X5.

The BMW Assist Convenience Plan offers Concierge Services which the BMW ConnectedDrive customer can use to make hotel reservations, search for addresses and telephone numbers or check opening times, to name just a few examples. The plan also includes critical calling, enabling the driver to get help placing a call if their cell phone is not accessible or functioning. It also includes a dictation function that converts spoken notes into text, which can then be forwarded as an SMS or email message. Advanced Real Time Traffic Information is standard, supplying drivers with precise real-time traffic information and congestion reports.

Infotainment: connectivity for office, entertainment and social media applications.

Based either on a comprehensively integrated smartphone or on a built-in SIM card, BMW ConnectedDrive offers access to a wide range of mobility services and web-based services for office, travel and infotainment applications. A hands-free system with USB port is standard on the new BMW X5. The BMW ConnectedDrive Office functions allow emails, appointments, contact lists, calendar entries and notes to be shown on the control display.

BMW Apps is standard on the new X5. BMW Apps enables the driver to be more seamlessly connected than ever before using their Apple iPhone.  Vehicle compatible apps like the BMW Connected App can be downloaded from the iTunes store, allowing customers to access Twitter and Facebook updates, listen to internet radio from around the world with Web Radio, and access their calendar all using the BMW iDrive controller and screen. The Last Mile feature helps users receive directions for walking from their BMW to their final destination and then finding their way back to their parked vehicle. Additionally, popular services like Pandora, MOG, Stitcher and Aupeo can be easily and safely streamed into and controlled by the BMW vehicle interface today. Other services like Audible, Glympse, Rhapsody and TuneIn will be integrated soon. The flexible design of BMW Apps allows unprecedented integration of smartphone functions, taking the in-car integration of iPhone, entertainment and online functions to a whole new level. BMW Apps adopts the familiar BMW display and controls to ensure that all functions can be operated comfortably, simply, safely and intuitively while minimizing driver distraction.

Extensive standard specification and high-end optional equipment for more driving enjoyment.

The exclusive driving experience in the new BMW X5 is reflected not only in the luxurious interior but also in the extensive standard specification and wide range of high-end optional extras. For the US market, the standard equipment list for all models now includes BMW Assist eCall with 10 year subscription, BMW Navigation with Advanced Real-time Traffic, BMW Apps, Mobile Office, Heated Seats, Park Distance Control, power tailgate, LED fog lights, auto dimming mirrors, storage compartment package and panoramic moonroof. Additional standard features include a two-zone automatic climate control system, Bluetooth hands-free system, automatically dimming rear-view mirror and Dynamic Cruise Control with braking function. The X5 xDrive50i also features Rear View Camera and multi-contour seats as standard equipment. In addition to the standard hi-fi sound system, audiofiles can choose either the optional Harman Kardon Surround Sound System or the Bang & Olufsen High End Surround Sound System. The B&O system features a 1,200-watt amplifier and 16 speakers. A newly developed rear-seat entertainment system with DVD drive and two tablet-style monitors is also available. Additional available features include a sports leather steering wheel, heated steering wheel, four-zone automatic climate control, doors with Automatic Soft Close function, Comfort Access and aluminum running boards.

The all-new 3rd-generation BMW X5 will arrive in US showrooms in the fourth quarter of this year as the TwinPower Turbo inline six X5 sDrive35i and X5 xDrive35i as well as the TwinPower Turbo V8 X5 xDrive50i. The BMW Advanced Diesel X5 xDrive35d will follow in early 2014



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