Chandler Creek students brighten the day at Alpha Health

Published on Monday, December 22, 2014

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Chandler Creek students brighten the day at Alpha Health

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Students in K4-5 grade at Chandler Creek Elementary recently made Christmas cards to share with residents of near by nursing facilities.

On Dec. 12, Student Council members from third-fifth grades and their faculty advisors, walked after school to Alpha Health and Rehab where they visited with the residents, handed out more than 1,000 cards made by the students from Chandler Creek, and sang Christmas carols.

After the visit, members of the student council wrote a reflection of their visit. Student council members who participated: Cole B., Alex O. Kiersten, JJ C., Jasmine, Jensen, Caden K., Toby C., Jeremiah J., Will J., James S., Molly B., Atticus W., Riley S., Mackenzie P.

A few reflections from the students:

"I learned a lot when we visited Alpha Health and Rehab. There are many types of people there. Some are better off than others. I was scared to begin with but when I saw them smile when I handed them the cards and talked to them, it made me smile. This experience was a good one for me." — Alex O.

"On our visit to Alpha Health and Rehab, I saw people that reminded me of my grandmother and my aunt. When I first went in, I was nervous but I was glad to meet the people and hand out the cards and sing to them. My favorite part was going into Mr. Duncan’s room and singing to him and giving him the cards." — JJ C.

"Going to Alpha Health and Rehab made me realize that we should not wish our life away. We should be happy for the time we get when we are younger and in good health. I was in shock at how many people were in need there. However; it was nice to know that I helped put a smile on their faces." — Caden K.

"Going to Alpha Health and Rehab was great. Everyone had a smile on their face, when we sang carols and gave out cards. I think we did a good thing by going since a lot of them probably don't get a lot of visitors anyway and I helped make their day better. It made me feel good. I hope to be able to continue to serve my community in these ways." — Jeremiah J.

"Going to Alpha Health and Rehab was a good experience for me. Helping people feel good and putting a smile on their face always makes me feel better. Singing carols, handing out cards, and visiting with the people we saw made them happy. I felt like I was helping a lot." — Will J.

"Have you ever visited a place like Alpha Health and Rehab? Well, I have. On December 12, the member of the student council at Chandler Creek Elementary did just that! It made me feel better when I visited and sang Christmas carols and handed out cards. The smiles on their faces just made me happy and lit up the room." — James S.


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