CyberKnife M6 newest aid in fight on cancer at Gibbs

Published on Thursday, October 29, 2015

Gibbs Cancer Center & Research Institute is the first in the United States to treat cancer patients using the CyberKnife M6 with the next-generation InCise Multileaf Collimation System.

The CyberKnife is a noninvasive radiation treatment device, which uses advanced imaging and robotics to accurately treat tumors. 

InCise uses tiny radiation-blocking “fingers”, or ”leaves” which reduce the dose to surrounding healthy tissue while maintaining an effective dose to the target tissue.  Using this technology, treatment times are cut in half, dose to patients’ vital organs is reduced, and the CyberKnife is capable of treating larger lesions. 

"This community now has something else in which to pride ourselves,” said David Church, Ph.D., Vice President of Oncology and Support Services for Gibbs. “The InCise system is a great example of how our physicians and staff are leading the nation in the advancement of cancer care."

In additional to treating brain and lung lesions, Gibbs Cancer Center uses the CyberKnife to provide low- and  medium-risk prostate cancer patients with a fast, non-invasive, and accurate treatment option; delivering a complete treatment in 5 treatments instead of the traditional 44 treatments.




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