Detours, Woodruff Road, I-85/I-385 more puzzling this weekend

Published on Thursday, August 9, 2018

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Detours, Woodruff Road, I-85/I-385 more puzzling this weekend
Just when you think Woodruff Road travel and the I-85/I-385 intersection congestion couldn't become more confusing – it is this weekend.

Detours will be in place due to closing ramps at the for 85 NB/Exit 51 A-C detour, along with 85 access from Woodruff Road detours, as part of the Gateway Project.

• I-85 NB, Exit 51 A-C, which includes access to Woodruff Road, I-385 northbound and I-385 southbound, will be closed from Friday at 10 p.m. through Monday at 5 a.m.  In addition, both of the on-ramps to I-85 NB from Woodruff Road will be closed during the same time frame.

For the detour, drivers on I-85 will be directed to continue along I-85 NB to Exit 56, where they will turn back onto I-85 SB. From there, drivers will be able to access I-385 in either direction.

• Motorists on Woodruff Road traveling west will be directed to continue on Woodruff Road to Roper Mountain Road, where they will get on I-385 to get to their destination.

• Drivers on Woodruff Road heading east will continue to I-385. From there, motorists will get on I-385 North to access I-85 North towards Charlotte.

This detour is needed to perform paving operations along the existing exit and collector/distributor lanes on the Gateway Project. Motorists are asked to observe all signage and travel with caution.



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