Don Fortner recommends 'Bow-Wows-In-A-Bowl'

Published on Monday, September 3, 2012

Community Journalist

I know this holiday weekend is going to be busy for a lot mothers trying to decide on a quick, hearty simple meal for those husbands and little buckaroos. After all who wants to be toiling on Labor Day (little joke here)?

Hot dogs and soft drinks really go good when watching our favorite sport on the widescreen TV. The following is something I came up with to solve the rush and go lifestyle we all live.

"Bow-Wows-In-A-Bowl "

A new take on an American favorite- the hot dog.

1. Take a couple of sandwich slices, tear into small pieces. If you are real hungry add more pieces of bread. This is your bun.

2. Place bread pieces in a small to medium size paper bowl. Place bread, equally spaced covering the bottom of the bowl....ya'll

3. Add sliced cooked weiners (1 or 2) or more if desired.

4. Cover with your favorite homemade chili (not the canned stuff).

5. Add crumbled Kraft cheddar cheese pieces topping the chili.

6. Cover chili with generous helping of your coleslaw ....made your way. I prefer a little tang in the coleslaw so I add a little vinegar to the slaw mixture.

* ingredients can change depending on taste

7. Add chips on the side if desired

8. Get the cold drink of choice and a consideralable amount.

Now sit back and enjoy your first "Bow-Wows-In-A-Bowl"......

It's your time to bark and curl up in your easy chair, set the DVR and take a short nap! You deserve it.



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