Drivers should replace trunk junk for roadside emergency needs

By Jim Fair, Editor
Published on Friday, December 8, 2017

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Drivers should replace trunk junk for roadside emergency needs
Friday’s snow was a good a reminder for drivers to take the junk out of their trunk and replace it with a list of things that may be needed in case of a roadside emergency.

Standing along a roadside waiting for help or sitting in a vehicle that won’t start can quickly become an uncomfortable and/or life threatening experience in extremely cold temperatures.

If driving conditions turn treacherous and leave you stranded, these emergency roadside items can help you stay safe until help arrives.

• Trunk essentials

• Hazard triangle (with reflectors) or road flares

• First aid kit

• Jumper cables or small battery charger

• Windshield scraper and brush

• Spare tire (make sure jack and lug wrench are in vehicle)

• Tow strap

• Blankets and extra warm clothing

• Cell phone and charger

• Road salt or cat litter to help with tire traction

• Brightly colored flag or “help” sign

• Flashlight (with working batteries), matches or lighter

• Tarp for sitting or kneeling in the snow for exterior work like a tire change

• Small tool kit or multi-tool

• Duct tape for temporary fixes

• High-calorie, non-perishable food

• Water

• Crucial medications



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