Gov. Haley endorses Scott Talley for Senate District 12 at rally at Duncan's AFL

By Alex Love, Staff Reporter
Published on Thursday, June 16, 2016

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Gov. Haley endorses Scott Talley for Senate District 12 at rally at Duncan's AFL

Alex Love

Scott Talley got the biggest endorsement in the state when Gov. Nikki Haley endorsed the candidate for Senate District 12.

Haley came to Duncan to Talley’s rally at the AFL corporate offices Thursday evening. It was a big boost for Talley as his former opponents Duncan Mayor Lisa C. Scott and Greer businessman David McCraw also endorsed the Spartanburg attorney.

Talley faces incumbent Lee Bright in the runoff scheduled June 28.

“We thought Scott was going to get into the runoff,” Haley said. “We watched that race very closely and as soon as we saw he got into the runoff it was a no brainer.

“I am here for Scott Talley. I know what he’s done and he’s one of the taxpayer heroes,” Haley said. “He is pro-life, he is pro-second amendment, he’s pro-business and he’s pro-taxpayer. I need someone like Scott Talley in the senate to be another fighter for me.”

Talley arrived early with Haley shortly behind him to greet people as they came into the AFL lobby.

“I welcome her support and look forward to winning this election in the next two weeks,” Talley said. “There are some issues (Gov. Haley) has that I’m willing to help her fight for. The senate is broken and if we can make some changes we’re going to start pushing day one come January.”

“I would like to thank David and Lisa for their support,” Talley said. “It’s good character that two days after a brutal primary they come here because they care about the Upstate and their community.”

The four discussed their plans for the future of South Carolina and why voters should choose Talley.

“When I see there is a senator like Lee Bright who’s trying to kill everything from ethics to anything else and then vote for it because it’s an election year, that’s not a good thing,” Haley said. “He says one thing to voters than does something different at the state house.”

“If you look at Lee’s history when a tragedy happens he looks to see how he can make it serve him,” Talley said. “He did that after the Charleston massacre by selling Confederate flag bumper stickers to raise money for his campaign, and the day after he files the bathroom bill he puts a petition up saying you can only sign if you donate to his campaign.”

Talley told supporters his plans to fix roads, bring more business to the District 12 area and ethics reform.

Several protesters gathered outside the building as the rally began. Some were waving Sen. Bright signs while others with Confederate flags were angry with Gov. Haley for taking the flag down.

“This is my community, my state and my voice needs to be heard,” Bright supporter Gretchin McGuinn said. “Bright is the last true conservative that we have down there that will vote his conscience and mine. We don’t need another lawyer at the state house.”

Talley will hold one more rally next week, to be announced.




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