In Focus: TIme to bring instant replay to where all can see it

By John Clayton, Staff Reporter
Published on Monday, October 22, 2012

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John Clayton

John Clayton

I've always considered myself something of a purist when it came to baseball.

After all, I prefer the National League game with no designated hitters and hated those Astroturf-filled cookie-cutter stadiums of the 1970s.

But Major League Baseball has reached the point of making instant-replay a bigger part of the game.

"The human element," that Commissioner Bud Selig wants to maintain is no longer acceptable on the base paths.

During the ALDS, the New York Yankees were victimized by a missed call at second base. This event did not make me heartsick in the least, but it illustrated my point. With large viewing screens in the new Yankee Stadium, the umpires were the only people in the ballpark who did not know the base runner was safe.

Technology has moved too far along for Major League Baseball to remain in the radio age.
It's time to make an instant replay a bigger part of the game.

The "human element" will still be there.

Just ask the Atlanta Braves.

The infield-less fly rule wouldn't be covered under instant replay.


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