Lanphere validates CPW's social media initiative

By Jim Fair, Editor
Published on Monday, August 27, 2012

Teresa Lanphere was the happiest person at the Greer Commission of Public Works monthly meeting in GreerToday. Commissioners recognized her as the winner of its multimedia promotion, earning a NEST Thermostat.

Brian Forrester, IT specialist for CPW, promoted a contest where people who “Liked” CPW on Facebook became eligible for the prize when its total reached 500. NEST is a home energy management thermostat that retails for $249. “It’s a ‘smart’ thermostat that can be managed by customers by their iPhones.

“I’m a stay at home and I’m always looking for ways to save money,” Lanphere said. “I appreciate their information on useful household tips to save energy.”

Lanphere came into the meeting with a wide smile and raised her arms and let out a whoo-hoo!

Forrester said Lanphere was selected by random drawing. “It was a successful program because we want to be able to connect with our customers.

Lanphere, ironically, said she found out she won when her husband, Nicolas, answered a phone call from CPW. “I didn’t check my Facebook or email and my husband was reacting while learning we had won.”

Nick Stegall said the multimedia promotion worked so well he anticipates more like it to emphasize the connectivity between CPW and its customers. “We were working with employees during the last storm answering cell phones, looking at emails and Facebook. We were interacting with our customers and folks that can do that have an advantage directing,” Stegall said.

Eugene Gibson, chairman of the CPW commissioners, said he is a proponent of the NEST by practical use. “One day I had only three-quarters of an hour using air conditioning,” Gibson said, emphasizing it was a warm day. Gibson said the “green leaf” was visible indicating he was saving energy and thus money.

Forrester’s presentation to commissioners explained how multimedia creates visibility, resources, how CPW monitors its brand and its integration of social programs into interaction.


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