RHS science teacher's work included in The Chemical Educator

Published on Tuesday, February 18, 2014

A paper by David Dalby, a science teacher at Riverside High School, has been accepted for publication in The Chemical Educator. 

The paper, "Simple Colligative Properties Laboratory Experiment," is designed for college and high school students. It describes a novel procedure to allow students to determine the molar mass of unknown compounds by freezing point depression using safe and common chemicals. In addition to the laboratory experiment, a method of evaluating students' work is presented which avoids the typical lab work sheets. 

The newly presented method, which focuses on accuracy of results, typically changes the demeanor of the class from playtime to serious work since the student's grade is based on accuracy of the work.

Using the system described, the student quickly comes to understand the importance of preparing for the laboratory experiment, accurate and precise measurement, attention to details, and careful and focused laboratory work. With the methods presented, students learn how science really works rather than how nonscientists think science works.

The Chemical Educator is a working journal, a reference to current topics, experiments, and teaching methodology. This paper adds to the list of more than 20 scientific publications authored by Dalby, including a chapter contribution to Prescott & Dunn's Industrial Microbiology 4th edition text book.


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