Roses are red but the Blues is American

Published on Tuesday, February 14, 2012

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Join Max Hightower on Valentine's night at the 5th Rockin' Tuesday Blues Jam at Rhythm & Brews. 

Join Max Hightower on Valentine's night at the 5th Rockin' Tuesday Blues Jam at Rhythm & Brews. 


Willie Nelson once said in an interview “Blues is the first music born in America”.

Through European and African cultures the Blues was born, laying the foundation for Jazz, Country, Rhythm & Blues, Rock and Roll, and even Metal. Week 4 of the Rockin’ Tuesday Blues Jam would prove this to be true.

Our buddy Tony Seawell introduced me to a fellow by the name of J.J. Woolbright and his band Lorenzo. J.J. has been touring the U.S. with Rock and Roll and Metal bands for over 17 years, even sharing the stage with the lead singer of Poison, Bret Michaels. Yet not a Blues band, you could sure sense the roots as they painted the stage another shade of blue. With sheer taste and respect, they launched the jam to a whole ‘nother level.

The intensity level was set. Every musician in the house was ready to Rock at this point. And so they did! Teresa DeGeer, Ted Dillard, Bobby Nichols, Mike Philips, ZB Grisworld, C-Town, Rick Marsh, Mike Huber, kept the stage throttle ... wide open! At one point, Teresa felt the sprit to began harmonizing with Bobby Nichols. Then Mike Huber joined in with his flute. These are the moments every musician long for. For the record, Mike Whitt played his butt off for over 2 hours nonstop. I give him the MVP of the night. Another amazing Jam and this is only the beginning.

Come join us tonight, Valentine’s Day for the 5th Rockin’ Tuesday Blues Jam. Bring your instrument, bring your Valentine and support live music  ... “This Ain’t No Karaoke”

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