Suber Mill commemorated by Mitsubishi Polyester Film

Published on Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Mitsubishi Polyester Film honored one of the Upstate’s storied landmarks with a road marker dedication on Suber Mill Road today.

Suber Mill is one of the only water-powered mills still grinding corn and selling cornmeal in South Carolina. It’s located on Princess Creek, which is a branch of the Enoree River. The mill traces its history to before the Civil War when James A. Suber operated a saw mill near the site. He added a grist mill after returning from the war.

The current mill was built between 1908 and 1912 by Walter Hillary Suber, the son of James Suber. It has been in almost continuous operations since with the Suber family running it entirely since 1955 when Walter H. Suber, Jr. took over operation.

Bill Radlein, president and chief operating officer with Mitsubishi Polyester Film, said the plastics manufacturer became involved in the project because the plant is built on former Suber Family land and MPF retiree, Al Futrell, has been long involved with Greenville County Historic Perseveration Commission.

“We are always pleased to help honor the Upstate’s legacy and history,” Radlein said. “Our company’s connection to the Suber family made this a great fit.


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