Suspicious activity: You never know what you will uncover

By Jim Fair, Editor
Published on Wednesday, November 1, 2017

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Suspicious activity: You never know what you will uncover
Neighbors, you can make a difference.

Who could have imagined that Katia Kelly, an unobscure housewife, would be the person to bring down Paul Manafort? The gist of Katie’s story is Manaforte’s indictment for laundering millions of dollars was at first nothing more than Manafort being a “crummy and absentee” neighbor.

Read “The blogger who helped indict Paul Manfort”.

Which brings me to an email I received from a Greer resident: 

Two nights last week, there was a suspicious car that entered our neighborhood blaring loud country music at 2 am, which woke me up.  The driver got out of the car and headed towards the house next to us and attempted to turn the door handle, to no avail.  Then he started pacing the street in a strange manner at which point I opened my window & yelled at him to get out of here.  He stood & stared at our house & then got in his car & pitched the free weekly Greer Newspaper into the driveway & took off.  To me, it looked like a deflection because he was caught.  Not to mention our neighborhood had already received this newspaper on Monday (during the day!).

Two nights later, I woke again to the same car pulling up blaring his country music but this time he just slowed down in front of the next door house & tossed out another newspaper and took off.  This time it seemed like maybe he was still trying to convince us from 2 nights before that he was “legit”.  Not fooling us!

My neighbor across the street witnessed the first incident as well, and while we were chatting about it, he got to thinking that this might be our regular delivery driver who comes in the day and that maybe he noticed this new home being built while on his route & decided to case the joint that night.  So my question to you is if this description fits any of your delivery drivers? 

• Silver older-model 2-door car

• Man about late 30s, early 40s with dark hair & a beard (I think he had a beard anyway…it was dark)

• Really likes country music.

Lt. Patrick Fortenberry said the GPD will reach out to the resident and offer its assistance. Greer Police suggest calling 864-848-2151 when suspicious activity is observed and to let law enforcement respond.

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