The Sheriff of Mayberry, Andy Griffith, dies at age of 86

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Published on Tuesday, July 3, 2012

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The Sheriff of Mayberry, Andy Griffith, dies at age of 86

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The beloved Sheriff of Mayberry from "The Andy Griffith Show" and attorney that won impossible cases on "Matlock", Andy Griffith, has passed at the age of 86.

The Andy Griffith Show holds a special place in my heart as something that connected my dad and I.  My dad watched the show in 60's as a teenager, and I grew in 80's watching reruns.  We would pull up to the TV together and enjoy it over and over.  He would also take advantage of teachable moments within the episodes to help me learn something about how to be a good person, citizen, son, father and friend.  How many shows these days could you and your children do that with?  Please post in the comments if you know of any...I'm drawing a blank.

On a side note, many of the same small town values exhibited in Mayberry, exist in Greer, and make our town one of the best places to live in the Southeast.  I've said before that Greer has a small town atmosphere, where people know and care for each other (like a Mayberry), yet we have a thriving economy where businesses want to setup shop (like a much bigger town).

The actor's wife Cindi released the following statement:
"Andy was a person of incredibly strong Christian faith and was prepared for the day he would be called Home to his Lord. He is the love of my life, my constant companion, my partner, and my best friend. I cannot imagine life without Andy, but I take comfort and strength in God's grace and in the knowledge that Andy is at peace and with God."


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