Tradition of family, community lured Ludley's return to Greer High

Published on Wednesday, March 2, 2016

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Justin Ludley becomes Greer High School Principal beginning for the 2016-2017 school year.

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Justin Ludley becomes Greer High School Principal beginning for the 2016-2017 school year.





By Amy Yarborough

Co-Editor Greer Hive Times

After 22 years of dedicated service to the community and students as the Principal of Greer High School, Marion Waters has passed the administrative torch to a former Greer High School teacher.

Justin Ludley, a native of Georgia and graduate of Presbyterian College, will be returning to Greer High School as the new principal in the Fall of 2016.

Ludley, a former Greer High School mathematics teacher, taught and coached football and baseball at Greer High School from 2006-12 before taking an administrative position at Southside High School.

Ludley is eager to return to Greer High School. “Greer is the best school to be at; the tradition of family and community is what drew me back to Greer,” Ludley said.

When asked what he is most looking forward to as principal, Ludley said, “You make a larger impact as you move up, and as a principal, I will continue to achieve more and have a positive impact on students and teachers alike.”

Ludley looks forward to the remainder of the school year, telling staff that he will be performing a “balancing act” as he fulfills his duties at Southside High School, as well as working with Greer High School. Ludley plans to be in the halls around Greer High School, acquainting himself with students and preparing for the 2016-17 school year.

As of now, Ludley is working with Waters in his transition to becoming the new principal. Waters, who announced his retirement as principal of Greer High School in January, became the principal in 1994.

Waters has devoted his life to education and the Greer community as he has 45 years in education and started teaching at Greer High School in 1974.

Waters has helped Ludley in his quest for leadership positions in the district. “His support and his wisdom has been great,” Ludley said. “I can always talk to him and get his feedback. You can’t fill his shoes, but you hope to walk in them. His support and relationship is going to help that transition.”

Ludley would like the Greer High School Community to know that he is passionate about students and teaching. He believes, that as educators, the best way to succeed is to work together to help the students. 

“I’m excited to be here,” Ludley said. “It’s a wonderful opportunity and a dream come true to be back at Greer High School. It’s a blessing.”

Ludley’s duties at Southside High School included being the Special Education administrator as well as the administrator over the Freshman Academy. Ludley also served as the school’s Safety Administrator in which Southside High School won an award last year.

Ludley pointed to the increase in freshman promotion over the past couple of years. “We had tremendous success with our students,” Ludley said. “We were able to provide support and encouragement. That was a big deal.”

Ludley and his wife, Barrett have a son, James who turns two on March 7.

Ludley Timeline

• From Jonesboro, Ga.

• Played defensive end at Presbyterian College

• Earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Mathematics Education and Minor in History from Presbyterian College. Earned a Master’s Degree in Administration from Furman University

• 2006-12 Taught Mathematics at Greer High School

• Coached JV Football, Varsity Football, JV Baseball and Varsity Baseball at Greer

• 2013 – current, Administrator at Southside High School

• 2013 – Special Education Administrator

• 2014 – Freshman Academy Administrator

• Studying Education Specialist in District Level Administration from Furman University

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