Wade Hampton Spirit Week to benefit Clement's Kindness

Published on Wednesday, September 26, 2018

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Clement’s Kindness, Fund for the children, is a local non-profit that helps children with cancer and blood disorders.

Clement’s Kindness, Fund for the children, is a local non-profit that helps children with cancer and blood disorders.


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Spirit week is unforgettable for students at Wade Hampton High School.

It’s a matter of go big or go home. Activities are planned for nearly every waking moment like dodgeball, the Bachelor’s auction and other fundraisers reaching out into the business community for support. While it may seem like an ordinary spirit week, this year, it means much more.

Clement’s Kindness, Fund for the children, a local non-profit that helps children with cancer and blood disorders, was chosen as the school’s signature charity by Bladen Bates, student body president, and the student council. The final list was narrowed to three non-profits.

Clement’s Kindness was founded in 2002 and has helped children and their families with mental, emotional and financial support. Sandra Miller, an administrator with the non-profit, was excited to hear that Wade Hampton chose their charity. “Wade Hampton is a great school and it is especially neat that the student body president has a special tie with us,” said Miller.

“Since Clement’s Kindness works with families that have a child battling cancer, it really hits home for me,” Bates said. “My sister was diagnosed in 2013 with colon cancer and passed away my freshman year of high school, so I can definitely relate to the siblings and families who are going through this battle.”

Wade Hampton has set a lofty goal – $225,000 – but hopes to raise much more.

Bates said he wants to improve from last year and believes it is not just a week for Wade Hampton and the families connected to the school, but that it’s about everyone in Greenville. “Without Greenville’s help and local businesses during Spirit Week, nothing would be possible,” Bates said.

Miller appreciates the awareness that Wade Hampton is bringing Clement’s Kindness and said it is more important than money. “It’s amazing what these young people are accomplishing during Spirit Week and all of the attention they are bringing to an important charity,” Miller said. “Not only will it be an exciting week for Wade Hampton, but to the families here as well.”

Families from Clement’s Kindness will be participating in the dodgeball tournament and Bachelor’s auction.

Spirit Week begins Friday (Sept. 28) and a pancake breakfast on Saturday (Sept. 29), 7:30-10:30 a.m., will be held at Texas Roadhouse on Wade Hampton Boulevard. Spirit Week ends Friday, Oct. 5. A percentage of the proceeds will be donated to Clement's Kindness. Click here to learn more or donate to Clement's Kindness.

The amount raised will be announced at halftime of the Greenwood versus Wade Hampton football game.








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