Williams will continue to serve CPW while answering criminal domestic violence charges

By Jim Fair, Editor
Published on Thursday, August 9, 2012

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Perry Williams was released from jail Tuesday night on $5,242.50 bond. He was charged with criminal domestic violence, 1st degree.

Greer City Police

Perry Williams was released from jail Tuesday night on $5,242.50 bond. He was charged with criminal domestic violence, 1st degree.

Greer commissioner for public works Perry Joe Williams has been charged with criminal domestic violence on his wife, Erin Denny Williams.

A warrant was issued for Williams Saturday evening. He turned himself into police Tuesday night and was released from jail on $5,242.50 bond, according to police spokesman Lt. Jim Holcombe.

Criminal domestic violence first offense is a misdemeanor and is prosecuted in the Magistrate Court for first time offenders. It is punishable by either 30 days in jail or a fine of over $5,000.

“It would be inappropriate for me to comment as this is a legal matter that will be resolved through the court system and I plan to continue to serve in the office to which I have been elected,” Williams responded to GreerToday.com in a statement.

City Administrator Ed Driggers issued a statement: "Mr. Williams was elected and certified by the municipal elections commission.  The elections commission has no authority relative to the charges against Mr. Williams.  The matter is now within the court system."

Williams won re-election as commissioner for Greer Commission of Public Works in a special municipal election on July 24.

The Greer Police Department reported it received two 911 calls from Erin Williams at 9:16 p.m. last Saturday night at the couple's home, 401 W. Poinsett St. The first call was to report a fight between her and her husband and that he had locked her out of the house. The second call reported Williams, 51, unlocked the residence and left.

Police answering the calls said they observed dried blood hanging from Erin’s left nostril and a white substance later identified as key lime pie over her face, in her hair, on her arms and clothing. Erin told police the argument began over whether key lime pie was a fruit. Police reported Erin said during the argument some of the pie fell onto her husband and he became angry and threw the pie at her and striking her. Pie landed on the living room and dining room floors.

Erin told police there had been other incidents of domestic violence in the past but she has never reported it.

As police were documenting the scene and photographing her face and upper body Erin told them she did not want to press charges, saying it was a mistake she called police. Police told Erin state law mandates the investigation and an arrest when physical injuries – bloody nose and scratched face – are present. Erin grabbed the statement off a clipboard and ripped it up while repeatedly telling officers to leave.

Police Sgt. Patrick Fortenberry told Erin he photographed a scratch on her face and she became argumentative. Erin told officers she did not have any injuries.




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