Foul weather has a tendency to lessen weight loss enthusiasm
MAR 27, 2014

Lisa Hawkins Lynn
Health Coach

March is days from being over, goodness, cold weather and all. I know that weather can play a role when you are trying to get motivated to lose weight or anything else. It certainly does for me.

If you are on track and/staying on track, wonderful, please shoot me a quick reply to let me know. If you are struggling to get started again or to stay on track, call me or shoot me a quick email to say, "help, call me". I'm more than happy to. I can't help you if I don't know that you are having any difficulties or can't celebrate your successes.

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Changing or replacing eating habits can lead to healthier lifestyle
MAR 14, 2014

Lisa Hawkins Lynn

I'd love to share with you (or remind you if you are currently working towards getting your weight off and just need a little encouragement) the great things about this program. It helps to re-teach what we have been taught all our lives – “to eat three square meals a day."

This is about changing or replacing your old eating habits to six smaller meals and the process is called the 5&1 plan, 5 low-calorie, low-glycemic Medifast Meals and 1 Lean and Green meal each day, eating 6 smaller meals a day allows your metabolism to kick off and stay running all day long. I've attached the Quick Start Guide for details. Also please visit my website.

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