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Christofferson's 'incredible legacy' is a pathway to the future
MAY 29, 2012

Stan Christofferson and his daughter, Katie, shared a few moments between vists from guests at the Stand Up For Stan fundraiser on March 29. Katie delivered Stan his first grandson earlier this spring.

Stan Christofferson, owner of the Great Bay Oyster House, was an easy mark for people seeking help with a project that needed some infusion of money or contributions of goods. He was a good place to start because it would prove to be a positive beginning for a community drive.

“I would walk into Stan’s office and he would say, ‘you’re here again? How much do I owe you now chief?’ Anytime we needed something or wanted help Stan was there for us,” Greer Police Chief Dan Reynolds said. Reynolds laughed at the recurring visits that resulted in both teasing each other. Cops for Tots and other fundraisers were always the winners and Stan “provided valuable assistance to us.”

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Zaxby's local owners to hire 50 employees
MAY 22, 2012

Mike and Terra Godfrey were commended at City Council tonight for investing in Greer and opening a Zaxby's restaurant at 920 W. Wade Hampton Blvd. Sons Price, left, and Wilson will also be joining the family's business. Reno Deaton, Economic Development Corp., introduced the Godfreys.

Mike Godfrey figures it was a good omen the day he was perusing the formerly closed Burger King on Wade Hampton Blvd.

“I was there with my real estate agent and a police officer stopped by and asked if I was going to open a restaurant. ‘I said we’re thinking about it.’ He said, you know what we need is a Zaxby’s. A second police officer came by and when it was suggested we open a Zaxby’s he agreed and said he ate there the previous Sunday.”

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Memorial drop-in for Christofferson is May 29
MAY 21, 2012

Stan Christofferson and his daughter, Katie, helped promote a second Stand Up For Stan benefit to help a youth with medical expenses battling cancer. Katie was pregnant when this photo was taken at the benefit. Her son was born in late April giving Stan his first grandson.

A memorial drop-in will be held for Stan Christofferson on Tuesday, May 29 from 5-7 p.m. at Grace Hall.

Christofferson, owner of the Great Bay Oyster House, died Friday night after over a yearlong battle with cancer. He was 54. He was diagnosed with bladder and lung cancer.

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Christofferson, owner of Great Bay Oyster House, dies
MAY 19, 2012

Stan Christofferson, 54, died Friday night. The owner of the Great Bay Oyster House at 109 E. Poinsett Street, often worked at home while recovering from chemotherapy and radiation treatments.

Stan Christofferson, a pioneer in Greer’s restaurant industry, has died at the age of 54. Christofferson has been fighting cancer for over a year. He was diagnosed with lung cancer in 2011 and recently battled a brain tumor diagnosed in April.

The Great Bay Oyster House (GBOH), owned by Christofferson, was the anchor restaurant in Greer that led to what has become known as restaurant row. The GBOH, at 109 E. Poinsett, has been in Greer nearly eight years.

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Ember closes after 5 months, death of founding partner
MAY 18, 2012

Ember restaurant, at 302 Trade Street, has closed after five months. 

Ember restaurant at 302 Trade Street has closed. The only announcement restaurant owner Tim Kearns left was a handwritten sign on the door reading: Coming soon. Pour Judgement (sic). Greer’s destination for hamburgers, wings, alcohol & music.

Kearns and Ember’s staff was jolted when partner and general manager Ryan Storrie died of a heart attack on Jan. 31, one month after the restaurant opened for New Year’s Eve. Storrie, best friends with Kearns, came up with the Ember name and Himalayan salt block idea.

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Community garden plants are maturing and blooming
MAY 15, 2012

Growers of The Ladybug Patch have an artsy sign greeting their neighbors to the community garden at Greer Memorial Hospital property. The weeds have been maintained to enhance the garden’s growth.


The Community Garden is starting to look like a garden now. Plants have matured and are beginning to bloom and set fruit.  

1. Watch your tomatoes and squash for signs of blossom end rot caused by a lack of calcium in the soil.  You can add calcium with bone meal or gypsum.  Both of these amendments are available in small (1-2 pound) packages at the home improvement stores and garden shops.  The feed and seed stores will have those products in larger packages.  Do not take up your plants if you see blossom end rot (black or grey spots on the end of the fruit away from the stem).  Simply pinch off the damaged fruit and dispose of it in the compost pile. 

2.  Tend your plants each time you go to the garden.  Look for insect damage.  Remove wilted stems or branches.  Continue to sucker the tomatoes and pinch off excess blooms for larger, faster growing fruit.  If you planted a determinate variety of tomato it will set an exact number of fruits.  Removing a few will make for larger healthier plants and harvest. 

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Clock celebrates 54th anniversary with lunch special
MAY 15, 2012

The Clock Restaurant is celebrating its 54th anniversary by offering customers free tea or coffee with any plate purchased from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. daily through June 30.

There are also 20 lunch specials with the price point of $5.55 – $7.99.

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Merrill's Pizza is newest entry into restaurant business
MAY 14, 2012

Ray Merhed is co-partner in Merrell's Pizza at 1207 W. Poinsett Street. The pizzeria features pizza and subs. Merhed has worked at his family's restaraunts before opening Merrell's.

It’s unusual to find a family-owned pizzeria that embodies family values and features a dessert creation called peanut butter and apple pizza pie.

Ray Merhib and Willis Terrell, best friends since the sixth grade, have partnered in opening Merrill’s Pizza at 1207 W. Poinsett Street. It’s located next to the popular Carnival Confections. “I think we kind of feed off each other,” Merhib said, with no pun intended. “I think what we offer complements each other.”

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Wild Ace No. 2 opens north of Greer
MAY 1, 2012

The band of choice, Twisted Trio, was symbolic in its own way performing at the Wild Ace Pizza and Pub tonight on Trade Street.

“We’re celebrating our anniversaries tonight,” Denise VandenBerghe said. “At 4 o’clock today Wild Ace was three years old and today is the first anniversary for Acme.”

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Wild Ace's 3rd anniversary rewards customers
MAY 1, 2012

Wild Ace Pizza and Pub is celebrating its third anniversary this week. Denise VandenBerghe and her partners opened Wild Ace three years ago during the weekend of the Family Fest.

The success of Wild Ace led to the opening a year ago of Acme General Store which has spurred more growth and renovation in Greer Station.

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