A primer in etiquette is behind this week's significance

Published on Monday, May 12, 2014

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David Evans
Founder of International Protocol and Etiquette Consulting

David Evans

Founder of International Protocol and Etiquette Consulting


By David Evans

International Etiquette and Protocol Consulting

When most people hear the word "etiquette," lessons at the dinner table or Dad teaching his son to hold the door for Mom probably come to mind.

But National Etiquette Week, May 12-16, first observed in 1997, was established to have a national time of self-assessment and focus on the status of civility in our society. Everyone has their opinion but I think most would agree that people are less respectful of each other today than they were 30 years ago.

Everyone has experienced it. The person at the table next to you and your wife at Valentine's dinner who didn't turn the cell phone off and gets eight calls during your special dinner. The person in front of you talking too loud and too much at the movies. The guy you're paired with at a golf tournament who won't stay quiet while others putt, and the list goes on permeating all areas of our interactions with others.

Mutual respect is a positive thing, even in these changing times and increasingly less formal times. Mutual respect is the foundation of all good relationships and certainly at the heart of all successful business relationships.

So, at least this week be aware of others and “mind your manners,” as Mama used to say.

Visit here and post your etiquette questions, etiquette horror stories, gaffes, faux pas, and, on the positive side, any special positive experience of some random act of kindness, courtesy or respect that made you smile.

• David Evans is founder of International Protocol & Etiquette Consulting. He is retired from Milliken & Company where he served as Hospitality Services Area and Director of Brand Experience and Environment at the company’s corporate headquarters. David has served U.S. Presidents, Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, statesman and business leaders from around the world. He is certified by The Protocol School of Washington.




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