City Council gets demonstration on Greer Connect

Retiring Rhoads recognized for overseeing building era, standards

Published on Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Communications Director Steve Owens demonstrated Greer Connect to City Council during its regularly scheduled meeting.

Greer Connect, a branded program, can be used to message residents in case of emergencies such as police notifications, road closings due to icy weather, water main breaks or other events.

Owens said the database will be pre-loaded with 9,000 city residents. Individuals will be able to choose how to receive the reports – phone, work or mobile phone, email or text message –  and other subscription-based tasks once Greer Connect goes live.

More information will be available on the city’s web site when it is launched next week.

Phil Rhoads and Larry Clifton were recognized for their service to the city before Owens' presentation.

Rhoads, Director of Building and Development Standards, is retiring effective Oct. 31. Rhoads has been employed by the city for 23 years, with a short stint in Anderson before returning to Greer.

“Phil has served us well and guided us during incredible growth with distinction in the city and state,” Danner said.

Clifton, a member of the Planning and Zoning Commission, was given the key to the city by Mayor Rick Danner to commemorate his 22 years of serving on the board.

“We are indeed privileged to have these kind of men to serve Greer,” Danner said. “They are often under-appreciated and they stand in the way of builders meeting city codes.”

City Council, as expected, unanimously approved, 7-0, an ordinance amending a code prohibiting “Silly String” and “Popper” and “Snaps”, types of fireworks during parades, events, etc.

• Julie Barnes was unanimously approved, 7-0, to serve another term on The Housing Authority. Councilman Wryley Bettis (District 5) asked that nominees to commissions and boards be presented to council with additional information and more advance notice to make the selection process more authentic. "Danner agreed and noted Bettis' suggestion for the record.

Kimberly Bookert (District 3) made a motion to approve Barnes. There was a long pause before Lee Dumas (District 4) seconded the motion. Council does not request candidates for boards and commissions to appear before them.

• Council approved, 7-0, a resolution to accept Creekside, Phrase I streets – Ruddy Creek Circle and Pleasant Book Court – into the city street system.

• Also approved was an ordinance to amend the City of Greer comprehensive plan by adding the coordination element among other surrounding cities. The ordinance is non-binding.

City Administrator Ed Driggers reported:

• Author James C. Collins (“Good To Great”) will continue to impact city employees. Driggers attended the International City/County Management Association Conference in Phoenix two weeks ago where Collins was a keynote speaker. Driggers said Collins’ new book, “Great By Choice” will be distributed to his staff and ideas nourished.

• The bid process will be refined with the city cleansing its records of companies no longer doing business. A recent bid was awarded to the lone bidder with council raising questions on the city’s process. Driggers said there were 36 notifications made for that bid with 14 companies confirming receipt. Six companies of the 36 had incorrect addresses and 16 companies were no longer in business.

• Driggers’ annual visits with council members will be in the field this year instead of meetings at city hall or council members business.

• City employees contributed $8,330 to the United Way. That surpassed the goal of $7,000 and marked a 15 percent increase and showed an increase in the number of participants.

• Driggers reported city expenses running six percent under revenues. “We don’t anticipate tracking six percent behind expenses all year but it’s good to see this in the first quarter of our fiscal year,” Driggers said.

• A Halloween Costume contest for employees will be held Friday at noon in the Events Hall.

• A Veterans Day luncheon will be hosted by the city Nov. 9 at 11:30 a.m.

• Three personnel issues – one fire department, one administration and one building and zone was heard in executive session. A briefing on economic development was also heard.

Boy Scouts Troop 603 led the public session with the Pledge of Allegiance.

No individuals spoke during the public forum.







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