Countybank opens Pelham Road office

Two more branches planned on Brushy Creek Road

By Jim Fair, Editor
Published on Thursday, April 5, 2012

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Brent Garrett is the Countybank Financial Center Manager at Pelham Road.

Brent Garrett is the Countybank Financial Center Manager at Pelham Road.

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Countybank opened at 3431 Pelham Road today. It's signature architecture is the dome atop the building.

Countybank opened at 3431 Pelham Road today. It's signature architecture is the dome atop the building.

Brett Garrett’s seven-year wait to take over a Countybank Financial Service Center ended this morning at the Pelham Road office.  “I was the first one here because that’s the way I wanted to begin my job here,” Garrett said.  I was super excited this morning. I love and accept the challenge.”

Two-thirds of the 9-person staff are new hires. “We’re happy to open this new building with six new associates at this time in our economy,” Garrett said.

Countybank’s green dome is its signature for customers trying to locate a branch for the first time. “The dome represents the circle of our financial services. The diamonds above our name represent yesterday, today and tomorrow. It came from  wanting to help our customers reach their financial goals and future goals,” Garrett said.

Services offered include personal, mortgage, corporate, commercial and insurance. Bank hours are 9 a.m. – 5 p.m. Monday through Friday.

“We want our customers to say ‘Wow’ when they leave here. Not only for the nice building but our customer service. We answer our own phones and have people available to answer any financial questions. When customers leave here, we want them to say ‘Wow’ that was a good experience.”

Loans are becoming more active, Garrett said. “We are making loans to small businesses and mom and pop stores. We’re also providing wealth management financial services. We can provide a good plan and can be as aggressive or as conservative as our customers want.”

Online banking services are available and businesses have that same opportunity with “no deposit capture, saving money and time,” Garrett said.

The financial center has committed to area community events. Countybank will be the T-shirt sponsor for the Greer Family Fest in May and the city’s Oktoberfest. It is sponsoring the Eastside YMCA Soccer League, a soccer clinic and end of year party. “We like to work with people and businesses in our community,” Garrett said.

Countybank is headquartered in Greenwood. The Pelham Road branch already has equal balance from Greer and Greenville. Rudy Painter is in the insurance division of Countybank and Ken Harper, who lives nearby in Thornblade, is in its commercial services division. Both work in the downtown Greenville office and are active in the Greer community.

Countybank has its roots in Greenwood since 1933. Its first branch in Greenville was in 2006. Today’s opening at the Greenville/Greer border represents the first of three financial centers opening on Greenville’s east side.

Countybank will also open financial centers at Hudson and Brushy Creek roads and Buncombe and Brushy Creek roads. The Hudson Road branch will be built after the intersection undergoes $500,000 in safety improvements. “We didn’t know what DOT (Department of Transportation) was going to do with Hudson Road so we came here first. Our research shows there is a need for our services on Greenville’s east side,” Garrett said.


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