CPW completes downtown LED lighting project, customers facing new Rental Light Service agreement

By Jim Fair, Editor
Published on Monday, October 24, 2016

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This is a night photo on Wade Hampton Boulevard showing the completed lighting project.

Submitted by CPW

This is a night photo on Wade Hampton Boulevard showing the completed lighting project.


You can see streetscapes and businesses in downtown Greer more clearly now at night.

The City of Greer and Greer Commission of Public Works partnered on the just completed Greer Gateway Lighting Project replacing existing street lights with LEDs. The city purchased the lights and CPW installed the new fixtures. 

Lights were replaced along Poinsett Street and Main Stteet from Wade Hampton Blvd. to downtown Greer

“It really presents a nice clean lighting pattern,” Jeff Tuttle, general manager of Greer CPW said at Monday’s commission meeting. “It was a signature project done over two weeks.”

Tuttle said the cost of using LED (light-emitting diode) streetlights in place of high-pressure sodium (HPS) fixtures will be a savings of about $5,000 a year for city residents.

The life expectancy of an LED light fixture is 10 years or more.

CPW Commission Chairman Perry Williams stated, “This is a great project for Greer. Among the many advantages of the LED lamp technology are that they have extremely long lives, they don't have filaments that can burn out quickly and they don't contain toxic chemicals like mercury, unlike traditional high-pressure sodium lamps or mercury-vapor lamps. So far, I have received nothing but positive feedback and am very pleased with the quality of the lighting project.”

“The difference is very noticeable,” said Driggers. “It’s exactly the type of cost-effective and energy-efficient upgrade called for in the Greer Community Master Plan.”

The Wade Hampton corridor project – from Gap Creek Road to the Target Shopping Center – is scheduled to be done in 2017.

Commissioners also are introducing a new rental light service agreement, with a mandatory 5-year agreement, that prohibits non-LED lighting installations effective Oct. 31. CPW will replace non-LED lighting with an LED light fixture for a $50 Transition Fee, per lighting fixture. Visit CPW to review the new Rental Light Service Agreement for Customers

• Corrected 9 p.m.: defines only Greer Station area was completed. The Wade Hampton Blvd. corridor is set for 2017.






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