Eliminate stains this holiday season

Published on Thursday, December 19, 2013

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Eliminate stains this holiday season

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Parties filled with festive drinks, food and fun are in full swing this holiday season. Every event is a chance to come away with great memories, plenty of pictures and sometimes, a stubborn stain or two. 

Don't let an accidental drip or dropped glass ruin a great party. Arm yourself with these stain-fighting tricks as you end this year and head into the next:

Coffee and wine stains
From hot chocolate to peppermint martinis and sparkling wine, these concoctions can make any holiday party feel extra special, but spills on clothes, furniture and table linens are bound to happen. Discretely blot the stain then, post-party, soak the fabric in a chlorine-free and color-safe solution and water to remove the stubborn stain.  

Food residue
Don't panic if you notice gravy dripping down your blouse or cranberries smeared on your holiday table runner. Simply blot away as much of the excess stain as possible, and then post-party, soak clothes and linens overnight in a solution of water and a stain remover powder. The next day, add an extra scoop of of the powder to your wash to boost detergent for better overall cleaning and whitening.

Everyday dirt
Friends and family tend to make frequent appearances during the holidays, which mean extra dirt, mud and snow get tracked inside your house. Easily remove the mess from your carpets and rugs by applying an oxygenated-based stain fighter solution directly to the affected area. Wait one to five minutes, blot well with a dry towel, rinse with water and then let it dry.

Stress less about the mess this season by keeping a tough stain remover on hand. When next year's festivities roll around, you'll be glad you packed away your holiday decor clean and spot-free. 

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