GHS joins Cancer Support Community in unique partnership

Doctors: Big leap forward in total cancer care

Published on Tuesday, June 26, 2012

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Hywel Morris and Janet Jones, cancer survivors, attended today's cancer partnership announcement held at the Greenville Hospital System Cancer Center.

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Hywel Morris and Janet Jones, cancer survivors, attended today's cancer partnership announcement held at the Greenville Hospital System Cancer Center.


Recognizing that social and emotional support are critical components of complete cancer care, Greenville Hospital System announced today the Center for Integrative Oncology and Survivorship and a pioneer partnership with Cancer Support Community (CSC) – one of the largest worldwide providers of social and emotional support for cancer patients and their caregivers.

"Research shows that social and emotional support is as important as medical care in the face of a cancer diagnosis," said Dr. Larry Gluck, medical director of GHS' Cancer Center. "Cancer Support Community is a leader in psychosocial oncology, and we are pleased to integrate their evidence-based programs and services into our cancer care delivery model to ensure our patients get the best medical and psychosocial care available."

GHS is the first hospital in the nation to integrate CSC’s programs and services into the hospital setting and one of the first hospitals to implement CSC's CancerSupportSource – a distress screening program that integrates screening, referral and follow up care through a streamlined, web-based program. The online screening takes less than 10 minutes, and when complete, provides information about a patient’s current level of distress and available support programs and services.

Beginning in 2015, all cancer patients will be screened for distress per new patient-centered standards set by the American College of Surgeons Commission on Cancer.

"CSC is proud to have been one of the organizations working closely with the Commission on Cancer to deliver their patient-centered standards, and we are thrilled that GHS is bringing this focus to the Upstate community," said Kim Thiboldeaux, president and CEO of Cancer Support Community. "Routine screening for distress and early intervention has demonstrated improved patient outcomes across many studies, and we applaud GHS for providing this as an integrated part of complete cancer care."

In addition to distress screening, other CSC programs and services include a personalized assessment and care plan, support groups (in-person and online), health and wellness programs and educational programs. All of the CSC programs and services are available to patients at no cost through GHS' Center for Integrative Oncology and Survivorship. The cost typically associated with providing the types of psychosocial programs and services CSC offers is between $60,000 and $100,000. GHS is able to provide them free of charge with the financial support of the Palmetto Peloton Project (P3), a local non-profit organization committed to promoting the advancement of cancer research and advocacy through fundraising bicycle rides.


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