Greer CPW assures customers its tap water is safe

Published on Monday, August 4, 2014

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Jeff Tuttle
Greer CPW General Manager

Jeff Tuttle

Greer CPW General Manager


Greer Commission of Public Works is assuring its customers the tap water produced by CPW is safe with a statement on its website.

Jeff Tuttle, General Manager at the Greer utility said the post was a response to residents of Toledo, Ohio who face a tap water ban after tests revealed toxins in the city’s water supply.

CPW's statement: 

City of Toledo issued an urgent water advisory due to presence of blue-green algae

“Blue green algae” or Cyanobacteria (sai ay no bak ter ia) is technically a bacteria. These organisms are capable of producing a number of toxins that may pose a risk to human and animal health.

“Blue green algae” is most commonly found in waters with high levels of the nutrients phosphorous and nitrogen. A bloom or outbreak occurs when light, water temperature, and nutrient conditions are favorable. The nutrient sources of phosphorous and nitrogen are discharges from wastewater treatment plants, leaking septic systems, runoff from pig and cattle farms, and fertilizer from agriculture fields into a river, stream, lake and/or reservoir.

None of these sources exist in the Greer CPW watershed, with the exception of a small wastewater treatment plant operated by North Greenville University.

Should you have any questions, please contact Greer CPW at 864-848-5000.






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