Greer student earns full-tuition high school scholarship

Published on Thursday, October 15, 2015

Greer student Julia Zhu is one of 29 students nationwide selected as a Caroline D. Bradley Scholar. This scholarship will provide her with a full-tuition scholarship to the high school that best meets her needs as well as a community of fellow scholars who will help provide lifelong learning and support.

Each recipient works with The Institute for Educational Advancement (IEA) to create a custom-built educational plan. Many recipients use their awards to attend independent high schools, while others choose public school gifted programs, homeschool, early college programs or a combination. The scholarships can be a lifeline for students who might otherwise struggle to find challenging, engaging, rigorous curricula. Up to 20 percent of high school dropouts are gifted, according to the Davidson Institute for Talent Development, and meeting the often neglected needs of gifted students is crucial to keeping them in school.

The application for the next class of Caroline D. Bradley Scholars will be available in December 2015. For more information, families, teachers and counselors can visit www.educationaladvancement.org.

IEA’s Caroline D. Bradley Scholarship Program is the only U.S. high school scholarship program that is need-blind and awarded solely on the basis of merit to highly gifted students.


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