Heath coach: Prepare yourself for temptation over the holidays

Published on Thursday, December 5, 2013

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Follow Lisa Hawkins Lynn here.

Follow Lisa Hawkins Lynn here.

I know we’re all getting in the spirit of the holiday festivities and food plays a major part of those. I know. Don’t panic. Try to stay on your plan the best you can even if you’re going to a Christmas party in the next day or so.

The best thing to do to prepare yourself for the temptation is to drink one of your shakes before you head out the door. It’s light but filling so you won’t go starved to your get together.

Next step is to be conscious of how much you are grazing. Look for healthier appetizers and if you should over eat, get back up the next day and start over on your plan.

If you stay on course for the evening, be sure to eat your last snack before bedtime to keep your metabolism working all night.

Dr. Wayne Andersen, the co-founder of TSFL states, “You can wish for it or you can make it happen. Will you wish for it? Or are you ready to make it happen?”

I have seen such success with your weight loss and experienced it, myself. But it’s up to you to “make it happen.” You can do this.

December should be one of the merriest times of the year.  The most important thing is to enjoy yourself, don’t stress out especially since “Take Shape for Life” is the easiest and fastest way you can shed those unwanted holiday pounds. If you don’t believe me, just ask Santa. Yep, it’s just that simple.


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