IN FOCUS: Giraffe Party, 2016, launched at Greer poll

By John Clayton, Staff Reporter
Published on Thursday, November 8, 2012

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IN  FOCUS: Giraffe Party, 2016, launched at Greer poll
OK, so now we know poll workers aren't zoologists.

Friend and Greer resident Bob Anderson found that out when a stuffed giraffe belonging to toddler son Bobby was deemed "political propaganda" by a poll worker Tuesday morning as the family waited to vote.

Wife Andrea responded that the giraffe in question was neither donkey nor elephant with all implications applied, but rather just a giraffe.

The Andersons had bundled Bobby up and carried along everything they needed to keep him happy in case of a long wait at the polls, including the giraffe they bought in honor of Kiki, the baby giraffe and recent arrival at the Greenville Zoo.

Even so, the dangerous "political propaganda" of the alleged Giraffe Party was disallowed and democracy flourished, even as banned cell phones and such remained in use, Bob said, and stuffed giraffes were stowed away to keep America safe from potential third-party mascots.

After posting the story of the giraffe on his Facebook page to give his friends a laugh or headache, the Giraffe Party was born for 2016, complete with a logo now adorning several Facebook pages with slogans such as:

"The Giraffe Party, a quiet calm in the zoo of political discord."

And, "Nibbling at only the highest leaves of Democracy."

I don't know about you, but I'm in -- Giraffe Party, 2016.  

Sometimes in politics, you have to be willing to stick your neck out, just don't do it with a stuffed animal around.



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