Lakes Robinson, Cunningham restrictions being reviewed

One-person sculls discussed for recreational use

By Jim Fair, Editor
Published on Monday, February 27, 2012

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You could be seeing sculls soon on Lake Robinson and Lake Cunningham.

You could be seeing sculls soon on Lake Robinson and Lake Cunningham.

Sculls may soon be coasting along Lake Robinson and Lake Cunningham.

John Carroll asked commissioners of the Greer Commission of Public Works today to consider permitting the use of row boats on the lakes managed by the CPW. Carroll was specifically asking for permission to use sculls (rowing shells) which can be up to 27-foot long.

Action was delayed as commissioners asked CPW General Manager Nick Stegall to review the Lake Rules and Regulations and consider reviewing the section concerning restrictions on row boats.

Carroll asked commissioners to visit the section of existing regulations as they apply to single sculls. "We believe that modifying the existing regulations, as the apply to single sculls, would not harm the lake in any way," Carroll's statement read. "We believe the the 18-foot restriction is more appropriately applied to limiting the size of motorized craft, not human-powered vessels."

The single competitive scull generally weighs 30.8 pounds and is 27 feet long, according to the International Rowing Federation.

The wording in the manual prohibits  boats more than 10 horsepower and 18-feet in length. Commissioners Jeff Howell and Perry Williams said there may be merit in Carroll's proposal in regarding to the restrictions.

"I think there may be some flexibility there in the wording," Howell said. "I don't want to change the wording on horsepower."

Williams has been a proponent of keeping Lake Robinson's quality of life for recreation and residential growth paramount.  "I have always been an advocate of providing limited additional access to Lake Robinson. A high quality lake like Lake Robinson, valued for water supply, recreation and aesthetic appeal can benefit all of Greer's residents by providing a healthy place to play or just enjoy a quiet sunset."

Carroll stated, "We believe that allowing sculls over 18-feet in length would safety extend the enjoyment of Lakes Robinson and Cunningham to even more residents and visitors."

Carroll suggested additional revenue will be gained through boating permit sales.

"We must rationally determine the appropriate balance between additional recreation and the cost of water treatment, but an improved quality of life is priceless."


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