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Published on Saturday, July 14, 2012

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Miss SC Live Blog

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We're live blogging the Miss SC pageant in Columbia.  Refresh this page often.

7:20 - Sydney Sill selected in the top 16 for Miss SC Teen

Top 16 Teen  

  1. Hartsville, Sara Beth Kreidler
  2. Blue Ridge Foothills, Makayla Stark
  3. Upstate, Tori Sizemore
  4. Charleston, Alexa Weeks
  5. Wade Hampton Taylors, Alyssa Cumbee
  6. Greater Mauldin,
  7. Columbia, Jessica Aull
  8. Lyman, Natalie Southgate
  9. Clemson, Sydney Ford
  10. Laurens County, Bry Atchison
  11. Spartanburg, Lauren Waynick
  12. Heart of Greenville,
  13. Anderson County, Brooklyn Garrett
  14. River City
  15. Greater Greer, Sydney Sill
  16. Surfside Beach

7:30 - Lauren Cabaniss selected in the top 16 for Miss SC

Top 16 Miss SC

  1. Columbia, Nicholette Ross
  2. Clemson, Leighann Bagwell
  3. Grand Strand, Summer Rayl
  4. Tyger River, Lustra Miller
  5. Capital City
  6. Greater Mauldin
  7. Darlington,
  8. Spartanburg, Hannah Barfield
  9. Laurens County
  10. River City, LeAnna Ross
  11. Anderson County, Destinee Johnson
  12. Greenville Scottish Games, Brooke Mosteller
  13. Mrytle Beach
  14. Upstate, Erin Frost
  15. Greater Greer, Lauren Cabaniss
  16. Hilton Head Island


7:55 - Sydney Sill talks about her platform, "If you believe it, you can achieve it...overcoming life's obstacles", in the on stage question portion of the Teen competition.

8:01 - Lauren Cabaniss does the swimsuit competition.

8:10 - Sydney Sill selected in the top 10 for Miss SC Teen. There were 11 due to a tie.  

  1. Columbia
  2. Lyman
  3. Charleston
  4. Greater Greer, Sydney Sill
  5. Laurens County
  6. Spartanburg
  7. Wade Hampton Taylors
  8. Heart of Greenville
  9. Greater Mauldin
  10. Clemson
  11. Upstate


8:15 - Lauren Cabaniss selected in the top 10 for Miss SC.  There were 11 due to a tie.

Top 10 Miss SC  

  1. Capital City
  2. Greater Mauldin
  3. Grand Strand
  4. Darlington
  5. River City
  6. Hilton Head
  7. Spartanburg
  8. Greater Greer, Lauren Cabaniss
  9. Laurens County
  10. Clemson
  11. Greenville Scottish Games

8:30 - Sydney Sill does the physical fitness portion.

8:42 - Lauren Cabaniss performs an interpretive dance to Pirates of the Caribbean

8:50 - Break for 15 minute intermission

9:20 - Sydney Sill performs the talent portion.  Tap dance to "Baby I'm a Star" 

Top 5 Miss SC Teen  

  1. Columbia
  2. Greater Greer, Sydney Sill
  3. Upstate
  4. Clemson
  5. Greater Mauldin

Top 5 Miss SC  

  1. Spartanburg
  2. Clemson
  3. Laurens County
  4. Greenville Scottish Games
  5. Greater Greer, Lauren Cabaniss

10:25 - Sydney Sill wins overall evening gown!

Teen Winners
Overall Talent:  Greater Mauldin, Rachel Wyatt
Overall Evening Gown:  Greater Greer, Sydney Sill

4th Runner-Up:  Columbia, Jessica Aull
3rd Runner-Up:  Clemson, Sydney Ford
2nd Runner-Up:  Upstate, Tori Sizemore
1st Runner-Up:  Greater Greer, Sydney Sill 

Miss SC Teen:  Greater Mauldin, Rachel Wyatt

Miss Winners
Miss Congeniality:  Darlington
Overall Swimsuit:  Laurens County, Ali Rogers
Non-finalist Interview:  Fountain Inn
Non-finalist Talent:  Camden & Electric City

4th Runner-Up:  Clemson
3rd Runner-Up:  Greenville Scottish Games
2nd Runner-Up:  Spartanburg
1st Runner-Up:  Greater Greer, Lauren Cabaniss

Miss SC:  Laurens County, Ali Rogers


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