Opinion: Start school one hour later

Published on Sunday, March 12, 2017

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Opinion: Start school one hour later
There would be great benefits in starting school one hour later. I mean doesn’t everyone get tired? Teachers need extra time! And students! This would be life changing! I think school should start one hour later! Are you on my side or not?

These are my reasons why it would be the best thought for schools to start later. First, it would give families time to get their brains active and going. After that, studies have shown that kids getting extra sleep is important. Sleeping increases learning, kids attention span and creates less health problems. I predict that there would be no more sleepy excuses or yawning noises with this idea. Next, you just won’t be in such a rush all the time. You have time to do all the things like brush your teeth, take a shower, pack lunch, and eat breakfast. After all, breakfast is the most important meal of the day! Plus taking showers is necessary so you’re not smelly and dirty. If you’re like me, you pack your lunch and don’t eat school lunch. Giving families one extra hour in the morning is a great idea.

Did you know this idea could help teachers too? I think it would help teachers because they would have time to get ready. They could finish planning and be awake and prepared by getting to school at their usual time. Instead of teachers arriving at 6:00AM, they would have two hours of preparing. Preparing is very important, especially for teachers. You know students can get out of hand or very stressful. Teachers need breaks too! I really hope that teachers are on board with this thought of mine!

Lastly, did you know this can help students? It would let them have time to get their brains active and going. Next, it would let them have time to eat breakfast because some kids are hungry in school. Some kids don’t eat school breakfast or have time to eat. Did you know it could cause better grades for students? I said it gets your brain going, well it goes back to that. Think about it! You’re really sleepy because your brain works better in the middle of the day. Also, how it would work is you wake up at your usual time and now have one hour to wake up. Also, if you woke up at your usual time, you will have time to study and do homework with the extra time. For example, if you didn’t have time to the day before because family business or sports, now you can still study and do homework.

I think this is the best thing about it. There will be less tardies. Families will have time to drive to school and wake up. Lastly, I really want all students, teachers and everyone to agree with this life changing thought! It could change lives! For all schools!

Ryan W.
5th grade 
Chandler Creek Elementary Press Corps




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