Riverside High School senior wins South Writing Region Award

Published on Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Riverside High School senior Holly Gordon recently received a South Writing Region Award in the Scholastic Art and Writing Awards of 2012 for her poem, "The Lighter Underwater." There were more than 200,000 works submitted for this award.

The Lighter Underwater

By:  Holly Gordon

We keep getting hurt,

You and I , 
I and We, 
We and You, You and Me, 

Constant fighting,
These sparks aren't igniting,
Those logs aren't burning,
Neither of the flames yearning.

So read this note, 
From Me to You,

“Whose hand is holding the lighter underwater?”

Hold this note, 
And don't respond or quote, 
Unless you plan to write, 
Words that might,
BringYou to Me. 

Copyright September 20, 2011

Summary for: The Lighter Underwater

The couple in this poem is constantly arguing, causing them to both become hurt by their actions and words.  Due to this, their sparks of love are not igniting for each other.  The logs represent the foundation of their relationship.  Since the flames (the people arguing) are not yearning for each other any longer, it causes the logs to not burn.  The woman writes a note for the man to read which says, “Whose hand is holding the lighter underwater?”  She is questioning who is to blame for the relationship ending; because she is unsure if it is the man or herself.  She tells the man to hold onto the note and not to respond or quote it, unless he plans to write words that might bring him back to her.  The note’s response would represent either an apology or forgiveness for all the wrongs that have occurred between them.  (Depending on who was at fault.) The poem was written as a form of closure shortly after my own summer romance ended last year.


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