SCIP: Nordic Cold Storage Presentation

Published on Wednesday, March 13, 2013

This is the South Carolina State Ports Authority presentation in regards to th Nordic Cold Storage Facility.

Nordic Cold Storage Facility – Greer, SC

March 12, 2013

• Nordic Cold Storage entered into a 40 year lease with the Authority in 1983 and constructed a cold storage facility in Greer, SC.

• The facility reverts to the Authority at the end of the lease term in 11 years.

• Because their location conflicts with the S.C. Inland Port, the Authority entered into discussions with Nordic in late November on their potential relocation.

• We have searched alternative sites for them to relocate and discussed buying out the remaining years of their lease.

• During the design process a number of conflicts and constraints were identified necessitating that the Nordic facility be removed.

• Current recommended design is based on Nordic demolition. A change will require substantial increase in capital costs, increased operating costs and a delay in schedule (post-September opening).

•We are now at an impasse with Nordic and must move to an eminent domain action.

Proposed Board Resolution 

• Resolution Findings:

• The Authority has a need for the SCIP project as a public project to be owned and operated by the Authority and condemnation is required for the benefit of the citizens of South Carolina.

• The construction and operation of the SCIP is for a lawful and public use encompassed within the purposes and powers of the Authority.

• To build this project, it is necessary to take and extinguish the remaining leasehold interest held by Nordic on the Authority’s property in Spartanburg County as described in the resolution.

• Fair market value of the leasehold interest has been determined by an appraisal commissioned by the Authority.

• General counsel of the Authority and its executive officers are authorized to take all necessary and lawful steps to acquire the leasehold interest through condemnation.

• Once the condemnation is authorized, the Authority will serve the notice and the condemnation process will begin.


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