'Silly String' on banned list at city permitted events

By Jim Fair, Editor
Published on Tuesday, October 9, 2012

“Silly String”,  “poppers” or “snaps” are prohibited on parade routes and city permitted events beginning immediately.

Greer Police Chief Dan Reynolds, with three cans of “Silly String” to emphasize his point, asked council to amend the ordinance (Section 36-140) to include the following paragraphs:

“Prohibited novelties: Aerosol/spray plastic/foam string and fireworks to include those known as “poppers” or “snaps” are prohibited on parade routes and city permitted events, unless specifically permitted by the city. Both can cause damage to vehicles and clothing. Vendors will be warned that these items are prohibited and may be confiscated by police.”

Council approved the request 7-0.

Reynolds said, in a memorandum to council, the nuisance came to light at last December’s Christmas parade.

“We had several incidents in last year’s Christmas parade when the spray foam also known as “silly string” was sprayed on young girls riding in vehicles, which upset their parents. The substance in “silly string” has chemicals that can damage vehicles and clothing and is also flammable. We are making this recommendation to prevent future problems.”

Council agreed with Reynolds and asked how he would handle violators. “Most of the time they respond when we ask them to comply with the law,” Reynolds said. “We will contact the vendors and tell them these items are prohibited. If they bring them we will either confiscate the items or tell the vendors to return them to their vehicles.”

Reynolds said there have been instances at city events where fireworks and “poppers” were ignited. “It’s hard to distinguish between gun shots and fireworks. People get real nervous,” he said. “We need to nip this thing in the bud.”

Vendors will be advised the products will not be allowed to be sold and citizens with these novelties in their possession will be asked to take them offsite.

Did you know?

 Los Angeles Mayor James Hahn, in 2004, signed a council-backed ordinance, to ban aerosol string in Hollywood on Halloween night. The ordinance called for a maximum $1,000 fine and/or six months in jail for use, possession, sale or distribution of aerosol string in Hollywood from midnight Oct. 30 to noon Nov. 1.


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