Some CPW customers getting a $32.10 refund

By Jim Fair, Editor
Published on Tuesday, November 22, 2016

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Some CPW customers getting a $32.10 refund
Greer Commission of Public Works is crediting approximately 3,500 residential customers for charges they incurred in October. The average credit is $32.10.

Several years ago CPW Commissioners and management changed the monthly sewer cap of 12,000 gallons to 8,000 gallons per month May through September. Residential customers are not billed for sewer flows over 8,000 gallons.

Because of the extremely warm weather this summer and people continuing to water lawns past September, customers may have seen a spike in their sewer bills. The increase could have been pennies to hundreds of extra dollars for CPW customers, depending on their water usage.

“The implementation of the sewer caps was to limit the customer’s exposure to higher sewer rates while using the water for irrigation purposes, during the “normal” irrigation months,” said Chuck Reynolds, Manager of Finance and Administration.

“We felt like implementing the cap during October was the prudent action to take on behalf of our customers,” Reynolds said.

CPW Commissioners voted during the October board meeting to extend the sewer caps from May through October starting Jan.1 for residential customers. “We hope this will continue keeping bills low and the customer satisfaction high.” said Perry Williams, CPW Chairman.

• Residential customers are not billed for monthly sewer flows in excess of 8,000 gallons from May – September.

• 3,519 customers impacted in October billing credit.

• $112,973 will be credited back to CPW residential customers.

• $32.10 average return.





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