Strategic plan goals, customer service survey highlight CPW meeting

By Jim Fair, Editor
Published on Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The Greer Commission of Public Works had a light schedule this afternoon, mostly providing status reports on ongoing projects.

Nick Stegall, CPW general manager, brought to the commissioners’ attention a strategic plan produced in house with department heads.

“We used information to identify different goals, assign responsibility to the goals and a timeline,” Stegall said. The strategic plan, with 22 goals, will be a work in progress. The plan was established by the CPW heads of departments at a one-day retreat. “We’ve been working on this for about a year,” Stegall said. 

Results of a customer satisfaction survey conducted from an outside agency “produced a very positive perception of our customer base,” Stegall told commissioners.

Stegall said CPW’s Gas Incentive Program has signed on 14 new customers with inquiries from 50 others. “The program has been successful so far,” Stegall said.

CPW customers who convert existing appliances from propane, fuel oil or electricity to natural gas will earn a rebate. Customers converting their primary heating systems to natural gas such as furnaces, gas packs or vented gas space heaters will receive a refund incentive of $400. The maximum refund is also offered to customers that convert to a gas hot water heater. Call Bruce Yerkes or Rob Rhodes at 864-848-5500 or visit http://www.greercpw.com/?cat=1 for more information.

Commissioners Perry Williams and Jeff Howell were in attendance and Eugene Gibson was traveling for the upcoming Thanksgiving holidays.

Among the updates:

• N. Highway 101 substation: Lines that will bring power into the substation are being put into place.

• Highway 357 gas extension: Gas lines have been buried along Holly Springs and some boring is needed under the highway. Service to the first two customers is imminent.

• Brick shed: A brick shed has been demolished, the ground graded and cut out for asphalt in preparation for a new storage shed. It will house a minimum of vehicles since it won’t protect them from extreme cold.

• Drought: Greer continues to be in an extreme drought. Thanksgiving marks the trend of more rain during the winter, CPW reported. It’s hoped the rain will produce conditions to remove Greer from its extreme drought status before spring.

• A tentative 2012 commissioners schedule was approved with three conflicts that need to be resolved.

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