Uh-oh! Riverside is finalist name for new high school in Bluffton

Published on Tuesday, October 14, 2014

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Warrior Nation may have an opinion to Bluffton County Board of Education's suggestion of naming its new high school Riverside or New Riverside.

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Warrior Nation may have an opinion to Bluffton County Board of Education's suggestion of naming its new high school Riverside or New Riverside.


We're not sure Warrior Nation will be pleased with this bit of news.

Riverside High School or New Riverside High School are two of the three final names for a planned high school in Bluffton County, in the lower part of the state. That's right. That could lead to a designation of Riverside Upstate and Riverside Low Country.

Worse has happened but, imagine having two teams show up at the Reservation on Friday night for a football game – one scheduled and the other 250 miles off-course? Talk about being out-numbered.

Think of the playoff possibilities if both were assigned in Class AAAA. Riverside vs. Riverside?

We'll let the Bluffton County School District, which sent out the exciting news to its residents, fend for itself. Take the online survey if you want your voice heard.

From Bluffton County Board of Education

A Board of Education committee tasked with proposing a name, mascot and official colors for a planned new high school in Bluffton has narrowed down a list of possibilities based on 250 responses gathered from an online survey.

Those trimmed-down options – three school names, five mascots and three color combinations – will be vetted through a second online survey that will accept votes from the public until noon Monday, Oct. 20.

The 25-person naming committee is chaired by Board members Laura Bush and Mary Cordray and is composed of parents, students, educators and community members.  The group held its second meeting on Monday and will meet again to consider the second round of voting at 5 p.m. next Monday, Oct. 20 at Okatie Elementary School.  Its official recommendation to the full Board of Education is expected before the school’s groundbreaking in late October.

• The three names being considered in the second round of voting are the most popular suggestions from the initial survey: May River High, Riverside High and New Riverside High.

• The most-suggested mascots not already used by other district schools are the Blue Herons, Gators, Rising Tide, Sharks and Titans.

• The three color combinations under consideration are Carolina blue, black and silver; royal blue, black and silver; and red, black and white.

The new high school will be built on property the district owns in the New Riverside area and will serve grades 9-12.  When it opens in August 2016, enrollment is projected to be about 1,400 students, with a capacity to house 1,800 students.

The district’s policy for naming a facility states that the community, culture, geography and history of the area should be considered.  The name may not memorialize individuals or endorse a cause or organization.





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