Wade Hampton FD personnel own Fire Fighter II distinction

Published on Thursday, December 20, 2012

Commissioners with the Wade Hampton Fire and Sewer District announced at its monthly meeting that all of the department’s personnel have earned the Fire Fighter II certification.

"Of the thirty-nine employees who recently took the national certification test, every one passed," according to Chief Randy Edwards. "As a result, each of the 57 employees we have in fire service roles now hold the Fire Fighter II certification.

"Aside from being proud of all of our personnel, this is a great distinction for the community we serve. Residents and businesses should know that the fire fighters on the red trucks leaving our stations to protect them, their families, and their property rank among the most professional and skilled in the area."

Those earning Fire Fighter II status undergo additional training to become more knowledgeable in fire fighting techniques beyond standard duties. As part of their certification, they are proficient in creating fire intervention plans, conducting motor vehicle accident extrications, and coordinating multiple emergency response teams. Fire Fighter IIs also are first responders to fires involving hazardous materials.


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