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What will Greer look like in 2030?

The Five Year Plan

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May 20, 2014 - Board of Trustees Meeting
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Why Greer?

The Greer Partnership For Tomorrow is not just another "good cause" or "charity". Rather, this five-year initiative is a sound business investment in our community's economic well-being. Like any business venture, when you invest in the Partnership For Tomorrow you expect and deserve a good return on your investment. Economic Development, Community Master Plan, Quality of Life, and Communications are the benefits that will accrue to your business as a result of the success of Greer's Partnership For Tomorrow.


Residents enhance ideas for next Community Master Plan
JUN 15, 2014

Participants wrote suggestions and posted them on a map of Greer.

Greer went back to the future at the Cannon Centre last Thursday evening. A workshop was held for residents of Greer to give their suggestions that will lead to a Community Master Plan projecting into 2030.

Fifteen years and two master plans ago resulted in the state-of-the-art city hall and city park, police and municipal courts complex and the multi-purpose Cannon Centre that houses the community’s cultural arts.

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Kohl's is hiring for Sept. 21 opening in Greer
JUN 11, 2014

There's no clearer message than this sign that jobs are available and Kohl's is opening in nearly three months.



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Residents invited to express vision for the future of Greer
JUN 11, 2014

David Langley, center, said Greer is ripe for a third master plan that will produce results like the city and municipal complexes.

Residents of Greer are invited to express their vision for the community’s future at a workshop Thursday, 5:30 – 7:30 at the Cannon Centre.

“The underlying thing not talked about is that Greer is a small town with a lot of character and is in the middle of an international business community,” said David Langley. “The question is ‘how do you grow without losing the value that makes Greer unique?’”

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