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What will Greer look like in 2030?

The Five Year Plan

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May 20, 2014 - Board of Trustees Meeting
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Why Greer?

The Greer Partnership For Tomorrow is not just another "good cause" or "charity". Rather, this five-year initiative is a sound business investment in our community's economic well-being. Like any business venture, when you invest in the Partnership For Tomorrow you expect and deserve a good return on your investment. Economic Development, Community Master Plan, Quality of Life, and Communications are the benefits that will accrue to your business as a result of the success of Greer's Partnership For Tomorrow.


Check out what ALDI is bringing to Greer
APR 25, 2015

The entrance into ALDI will be from Mt. Vernon Road, near a traffic light at Wade Hampton Blvd. and W. Poinsett Street.

Thom Behtz, ALDI Jefferson division vice president, answered a series of questions about ALDI’s coming into the Greer market. Behtz explains the store’s decision where to locate, when it will open, the store model, and the company’s purchasing philosophy.

Jim Fair: The main entry into the property will be from Mt. Vernon Road, while ALDI will face Wade Hampton Blvd. Why is a side entrance and a traffic signal at the store’s entrance part of its selection philosophy? What goes into site selection for ALDI in a community?

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Greer production puts BMW global sales in rarefied air
APR 14, 2015

Greer production puts BMW global sales in rarefied air

It was another great day, month and quarter in Greer, according to BMW March sales figures released Tuesday.

In fact production by BMW Manufacturing Co., of the popular X5 and X6 in Greer, helped make March and the first quarter of 2015 a record.

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Study: Greer is 4th-best city in S.C. to start a business
APR 9, 2015

Mayor Rick Danner announced the launch of the new Partnership For Tomorrow campaign that will result in the 15-year plan to be unveiled April 23.

Greer is rated the fourth-best place to start a business in South Carolina, according to NerdWallet, a personal finance website.

Jeff Chu, the analyst who conducted the study, cited business climate (average revenue of businesses, percentage of businesses with paid employees and number of businesses per 100 people, and local economic health (median annual income, median annual housing costs and unemployment rate).

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Tower for new Wild Ace restaurant becomes a beacon for downtown
APR 3, 2015

A window is being attached to the tower of the Wild Ace Restaurant and Pub at 103 Depot Street.

Workers are putting the finishing touches on the Wild Ace Pizza and Pub interior and nearly finished with its exterior at its new aviation-themed restaurant at 103 Depot Street.

Glass was installed in the restaurant’s tower that can be seen throughout the city – topping out at 32-feet. The airplane wing has been assembled on the Depot Street side of the building and its artwork is scheduled for completion within a week.

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