History was in the making as the flag was lowered
JUL 10, 2015

As the flag was lowered this man with the guitar struck a chord and sang,

The Columbia air was muggy, even for 7:30 in the morning, as people began to converge on the South Carolina State House.

There was a somber stillness, and as people approached the steps of the capitol, the Confederate flag, for the moment still hanging from its flagpole on the State House lawn, lay flat in the stillness.

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Councilman Dumas: Citizens will continually examine our hearts and motives
JUL 9, 2015

Lee Dumas
Greer City Council (District 4)


Greer City Council (District 4)

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Non profits pilot food cooperative to help eliminate hunger in Greer
JUL 6, 2015

Non profits pilot food cooperative to help eliminate hunger in Greer

Three nonprofits are collaborating to eliminate hunger in the Greer community by piloting a food cooperative. Based on a similar program in Atlanta, Greer Relief, Greer Community Ministries, and Loaves & Fishes have come together to offer an alternative way to help provide food to families beyond emergency assistance.

Paulette Dunn of Loaves & Fishes, Caroline Robertson of Greer Relief, and Cindy Simpler of Greer Community Ministries are working together in this mission that started with a discussion at the monthly Greer Non-profit Roundtable meeting. At one of those meetings, the topic of food pantries and families in need took central focus. There are so many families with food insecurity and area charities do not offer great solutions. Families can get food from Greer Relief once every three months or from Greer Community Ministries once every six months, but that only provides emergency assistance. It is certainly not a regular, reliable source of food to families who are not able to purchase enough food to meet their basic needs.

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