Some pay big bucks to look poor
MAY 29, 2018


2018 flashback to 1955 era. Yep, clear memories of growing up poor in small towns in the South.

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When it comes to public information, be the Beastmaster
MAR 16, 2018

Richard Whiting, Executive Editor of the Greenwood Index Journal, serves as chairman of the South Carolina Press Association’s Freedom of Information Committee.

By Richard Whiting

Have you watched NBC’s “Spartan: Ultimate Team Challenge,” “Ultimate Beastmaster” on Netflix or any of those other extreme competition shows that pit men and women against grueling and physically demanding obstacle courses?

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Rita Allison: House rejects seat belt proposals on new school buses
APR 27, 2017

Rita Allison: House rejects seat belt proposals on new school buses

Representative District 36

House members debated then turned back a proposal to eventually require seat belts on all new school busses in SC. There was concern about the cost ($6,500 per bus) and the potential new requirements for drivers to be responsible for each student during an accident. The bill was referred back to committee.

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GCM celebrating 15th Annual March for Meals
MAR 15, 2017

By Krista Gibson

Greer Community Ministries (GCM) is celebrating the 15th Annual March for Meals campaign during the week of March 20-24. Community Champions will join our regular team of volunteer drivers on a Meals on Wheels route to cultivate awareness for this vital program. They are pledging to fight for GCM’s mission, which is to make sure that no elderly, homebound, or disadvantaged person in the greater Greer area goes hungry.      

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YMCA of Greenville 2017 Annual Campaign helps transform lives
MAR 11, 2017

Dan Eller is the volunteer chairperson of the YMCA of Greenville's 2017 Annual Campaign.

By Dan Eller

I am honored to be the volunteer chairperson of the YMCA of Greenville’s 2017 Annual Campaign. My family and I have supported the Annual Campaign of the YMCA of Greenville for many years because of what the YMCA means to us. The YMCA has provided us with dear friends, fond memories, and a sense of belonging. More importantly, we’ve seen firsthand the profound impact the Y has on the lives of all kinds of people, from children to senior citizens. The Y is transforming lives every day.

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Rick Ezell: Keep going, don't quit, you've got one more move
MAR 6, 2017

Rick Ezell

Victory belongs not to the faint-hearted. Nor does it belong to the weak-willed. Nor to the uncommitted. Not if the enemy is great and his resolution strong. Only by facing the opponent head-on with undaunted valor can the battle be won. Victory necessitates that we fight on with undying, inflexible persistence.

The race is not always won by the fastest. Or the game won by the strongest. But rather by the one that keeps hanging on, who refuses to give up. Consider the postage stamp. Its usefulness consists in the ability to stick to one thing till it gets there. Former racecar driver Rick Mears reminds us, “To finish first you must first finish.”

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Rita Allison: Passing of Rep. Neal, Real ID legislation moved out of committee
FEB 20, 2017

Rita Allison: Passing of Rep. Neal, Real ID legislation moved out of committee

By Rita Allison

Representative District 36

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Devout Christians believed that Xmas was an acceptable form of shorthand
DEC 11, 2016

Keith Challenger

By Keith Challenger

Merry Xmas!

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Smart Growth: Building better communities faces uncertainty, alarm and hope
DEC 5, 2016

Geoff Anderson, President and CEO of Smart Growth America, has a mixture of uncertainty, alarm, and hope from the results of the tumultuous and divisive election season.


President/CEO Smart Growth America

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OPINION: Why throw Tom Corbin under the bus?
JUN 6, 2016

Tom Corbin
Incumbent Senator (R) Greenville District 5

The primary election for SC Senate District 5 between the incumbent Tom Corbin and challenger John White is a bit of a puzzle to me.

With Greer being the largest city in the district, there was initially a question in my mind how well a representative from Tigerville would serve the interests of our citizens.

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Greer community answers the call to aid DAV Chapter 39
MAR 21, 2016

A soldier saluting on the DAV Chapter 39 trailer is appropriate for the community's response to the organization being displaced from Ryan's restaurant after its unannounced closure.

By James Hawkins

Within mere hours of this article appearing in Greertoday.com by Jim Fair, the fine citizens/business people of Greer, SC were offering assistance/space for the Disabled American Veterans, Chapter 39.

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MLK celebration was different this year
FEB 1, 2016

Rev. James Hellams, the keynote speaker's message was “It’s not enough to quote ‘I have a dream.'

Chills ran up my spine, tears filled my eyes and unspoken gratefulness occupied my soul. This particular day, Jan. 18 at Greer City Hall was the celebration of Martin Luther King Jr.

In the past it was a day off of school for me. This year was different.

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McGee and DC shown together in historical photo
NOV 19, 2015

"A society is ultimately judged by how it treats its weakest and most vulnerable members."

By Perry Williams 

In the 1970's McGee (he was always known only as McGee back then) was inseparable from his constant companion DC Townsend. They probably spent more time at Greer High School than I did and McGee was and still is a sports team’s (any sports team) biggest fan.

McGee has an uncanny ability to show up anytime and almost every time that something is going on. He has attended more grand openings and ribbon cuttings than anyone that I know.

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A writer with a poet's soul and a pretty good golf swing
OCT 13, 2015

Ken Burger's friends and colleagues are writing their memories now because he wants to read them.

No more procrastination. Word along the Internet – through messages and social-media posts –is that the worst kind of deadline is fast approaching.

Ken Burger is dying because cancer doesn't listen to doctors who claim victory. It is a bastard of equal opportunity.

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County Council has responsibility of due diligence before handing over EMS to GHS
AUG 31, 2015

Should Greenville County transfer its award-winning ambulance service and EMS Department to The Greenville Health System (GHS) by creating something called a “Mobile Integrated Healthcare Practice (MIHP)?” To save money, the Greenville County Council is currently considering making just such a change on Oct. 1.

Greenville EMS has been operating at a loss for years. Consequently, the county has been looking for ways to reduce the cost of providing ambulance service to the community. Some believe a big part of the solution may simply be improving the process the county uses to seek reimbursement from insurance companies, Medicare, Medicaid, and “out-of-network” patients.

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History was in the making as the flag was lowered
JUL 10, 2015

As the flag was lowered this man with the guitar struck a chord and sang,

The Columbia air was muggy, even for 7:30 in the morning, as people began to converge on the South Carolina State House.

There was a somber stillness, and as people approached the steps of the capitol, the Confederate flag, for the moment still hanging from its flagpole on the State House lawn, lay flat in the stillness.

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Councilman Dumas: Citizens will continually examine our hearts and motives
JUL 9, 2015

Lee Dumas
Greer City Council (District 4)


Greer City Council (District 4)

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Non profits pilot food cooperative to help eliminate hunger in Greer
JUL 6, 2015

Non profits pilot food cooperative to help eliminate hunger in Greer

Three nonprofits are collaborating to eliminate hunger in the Greer community by piloting a food cooperative. Based on a similar program in Atlanta, Greer Relief, Greer Community Ministries, and Loaves & Fishes have come together to offer an alternative way to help provide food to families beyond emergency assistance.

Paulette Dunn of Loaves & Fishes, Caroline Robertson of Greer Relief, and Cindy Simpler of Greer Community Ministries are working together in this mission that started with a discussion at the monthly Greer Non-profit Roundtable meeting. At one of those meetings, the topic of food pantries and families in need took central focus. There are so many families with food insecurity and area charities do not offer great solutions. Families can get food from Greer Relief once every three months or from Greer Community Ministries once every six months, but that only provides emergency assistance. It is certainly not a regular, reliable source of food to families who are not able to purchase enough food to meet their basic needs.

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Greer Chamber supports removal of Confederate flag from State House grounds
JUN 23, 2015

Greer Chamber supports removal of Confederate flag from State House grounds

In the aftermath of last week’s tragedy in Charleston, South Carolina has proven itself to be as resilient a state as it is caring. The horrific shooting has caused many to question the presence of a confederate flag on State House grounds, and while our main focus is, and will continue to be, the victims and their families, opportunities for change should not be disregarded.   

At 4 o’clock yesterday, Governor Nikki Haley called for the removal of the Confederate flag from State House grounds. While we understand the flag represents heritage to some, to many, it represents hurt. The Greater Greer Chamber of Commerce Executive Board voted to support the removal of such a divisive symbol from our state grounds, and hope the necessary steps to complete this process will be taken swiftly so an already grieving state may continue to heal.

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Gowdy, Scott co-author Trade Promotion Authority stand on transparency
JUN 17, 2015

Rep. Trey Gowdy spoke at the sold out Greater Greer Chamber of Commerce First Friday luncheon on June 7.

By Rep. Trey Gowdy & Sen. Tim Scott

International trade accounts for more than one in five jobs in South Carolina, and in the Upstate alone exports support more than 64,000 jobs. To put it simply, our state is a trading powerhouse.

Whether it's exporting automobiles or agricultural products, producing tires and turbines or powering a manufacturing renaissance, our workers can compete with anyone, anywhere.

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