Some pay big bucks to look poor

Published on Tuesday, May 29, 2018


2018 flashback to 1955 era. Yep, clear memories of growing up poor in small towns in the South.

Remember granny boiling my cousin’s family dirty clothes every weekly washday. Can see her out in the back yard with a large, black cast iron wash pot stirring the clothes with a large broomstick.

Rain or shine granny would be stirring away as the jeans and other things began to boil. So much detergent was used over and over to clean things that after a while the blue denim would eventually disappear and the faded jeans would remain.

Once the clothes would shrink and become almost white, they would be passed down to us poor cousins. 

Eventually these used clothes would begin to wear out i.e. holes in the knees of the jeans, rips down the pant legs, sometimes our knees and butts were exposed for public view.

We were proud to get the hand-me-downs although subject to ridicule and jokes by other kids. Growin’ up poor ain’t easy but you don’t have much of a choice.

Fast forward to 2018. Noticed that many of the in crowd today are wearing dresses and pants faded and appear torn across the shoulders and sides. Exposed skin everywhere that you look. Amazing.

It’s become a task to make enough money to look poor. Progress they say. Looks like some of us were born into the wrong time period. Today we would be in style and chic. Just sayin‘.





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